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Is Time on Our Side?

In nineteenth-century Russia there was a plot against the Tsar. It was reported to the bureaucracy. The report went through channels. The palace was warned a month and a half after the assassination attempt had failed. Small human groups work; big human groups don’t.

But big human groups just want to get bigger.

Don’t worry. I don’t think it will last much longer.

Any bureaucracy can defeat any philosopher
simply by letting him talk, and write letters,
and never understand a word he’s said.

Oh, it couldn’t end soon enough to suit me. But then I too am just an individual, living an ordinary life time. From our perspective, things seem oh so slow. Get a different perspective of time — geological, cosmological — and things are racing.

But I want to tie in another perspective: another time perspective. Consider the weather: that thing that Twain for one quipped that everyone talked about but than no one did anything about. Well, we couldn’t: until recently. (And I for one am not sure we should do anything no matter what we can do.)

Humans have long predicted the weather. Humans have long tried to control the weather: among other things. Humans have developed elaborate rain dances, great rituals: blood letting, animal and/or human slaughter … built cathedrals, great cities. Much of it can be tied to mating imperatives, much of it to attempts at weather control. Oh God, please make the sun rise tomorrow: early: I’m getting married. Oh God, please make the sun set today. Soon, soon: I just got married. Oh God, when will it rain? When will my ship come it? Oh God, when will the Democrats employ my no good brother?

Recently, some smart people noticed some apparently true things, things that human math couldn’t deal with until very recently: no matter who had noticed what.

Lorenz mapped weather patterns. Lorenz eventually came up with the non-linear graph called the Lorenz Attractor. I first found it around 1986 when Gleich’s book on Chaos theory came out. By now one can get information all over the place (including the net). By the 1960s, more-so in the ’70s and ’80s, science-based weather prediction was theoretically possible. The problem was practical. Calculations based on actual data could predict weather for days in advance, possibly longer, but: if human calculators could do the math perfectly (ha ha), the calculations could be executed in say ten thousand years. That’s great. If a team of calculators can work error free, on August 12, 1965 they can predict the weather for August 17, 1965 by August 12, 11,965! Hardly worth it, when all they had to do was wait five days and see: just as we had always done.

Lorenz Attractor
The Lorenz Attractor
Ah, but you see by that time workable electronic computers could come along which could do the 10,000 years worth of computing, do it theoretically error-free (how long would it take us to verify the claim?), and do it say over night. So we began to be able to predict the weather for five days in advance four days in advance: given super computers.

The Russian bureaucracy took several months to process the information for a state emergency. They processed it; but not in time (except by luck).

It might be impossible for a bureaucracy to evolve,
to learn anything from its mistakes.

The Narrows

The United States has an enormous legal bureaucracy, paid for by money grabbed here, there, everywhere. So when is justice going to be done? Have the “Indians” gotten their land back? Have they been compensated for the genocides? Have the slaves or their descendants been compensated for their slavery? No, but some klutz got millions for spilling coffee on herself. OJ got publicity long after his running no longer earned it for him.

Does the justice system use super computers? Do the Mohawk have the use of those super computers?

The health services bureaucracy is also enormous, also budgeted by money grabbed here, there, and everywhere. On paper, we’re entitled to all sorts of services. Do those most in need get those services?

My Catherine, a month short of ninety-six, was doing fairly well, just the two of us, until the most recent years. I started asked for help around ten months ago. By April I was told of a group that sounded perfect. I called them. Oh, yes. They sounded better than perfect. May, June, July … we were still waiting. The good news is that a nice representative came yesterday, came again today, with something actually helpful. But then a hospice had decided that though they would not help us directly they would try to help build a fire under the first organization. My pleas accomplished nothing, added leverage finally did. But it could easily have come several months after the person in need expired.

When we’re dead we can have LCD readouts for tomb stones telling us of all the services we were entitled to: that we didn’t have leverage to know how to get.

I bet the Mohawks, the deracinated Congolese … are entitled to own the universe: if only they had the leverage.

The bigger the bureaucracy, the stupider the society.

2004 08 26 A Jay Hanson / Yahoo-list email brings the following from Dave Louthan:

I’m the guy that killed that mad cow. I killed that cow Dec.9. It was processed into hamburger along with 50 other cows and shipped to 8 states
and was eaten by 1000’s of people. Some of those people will contract BSE
and die.
We took a brain sample from that cow and gave it to the USDA the day we
killed her. It took the USDA 2 weeks to get the results back from the lab in
Aimes, Iowa. It only took us 1 day to get that meat to market.

Bureaucracy was a concept treated all over the persecuted Knatz.com. Only a few of my modules have been recreated thus far at blogs. But see also my Kleptocracy blog: pkKlep. And keep your eyes open for reverse engineering and “purpose” modules, such as: Kleptocracy’s Purpose: Reverse-Engineering Civilization.

One of my favorite pk quotes is cited elsewhere and I repeat it right here:

Every time the citizen goes to the Bureaucracy, there’s a different bureaucrat.
Bureaucrat2 has no knowledge of what you said to Bureaucrat1
(and if he does, the Bureaucracy can substitute Bureaucrat3, Bureaucrat4 …)
So only the Bureaucracy’s records count.
Thus false memory erases the citizen’s experience, over and over.

2013 08 02 Everyone’s a bureaucrat. The lady who sends you again and again to the end of the line, never acknowledging that the mistake was hers, is a direct descendant, spiritually, of the bureaucrat who made everything complicated for Crazy Horse in the Dakotas. We took his gold, his land, his people’s women, children, his horses, now the bureaucrat, with no awareness whatsoever of where they were, what they were doing there (who benefited), that they were trespassers, thieves, that they made sure that everything was hard on him: like Big Brother’s O’Brien with Winston.

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