Leaky Containers

Humans are so naive, just charming. They believe, despite experience, that some quality they believe they admire, and want, want to preserve, can be preserved in an organization of humans which we have come to call an “institution.” To start with we just called such a container the “Shaman,” or the “priest,” or perhaps, the “teacher.” Thereafter the faithful turn their children over to that institution. Soon they give not only their first born, but the priests also help themselves, through terror associated with the faith, to a tithe. Before long the tithe is 10%. All too soon the tithe is 50%: 50% for the poor, and 10% for the rich; or, 10% for the poor and 50% for the rich. By the Twentieth Century Communist priests want a 100% tithe from everybody. (Of course the Commie priests, the commissars, aren’t “everybody”: they receive, they don’t pay.)

It’s not at all clear to me that there is or ever has been such a quality as magic, or god, or justice, or equity, or order … to be contained and preserved in such an institution of human experts on the quality: doctors, lawyers, professors, cops … I outright disbelieve in magic. God is so undefined a term (despite my attempts) that it’s become toxic in 99.999% of usages. Maybe there’s a quality called “justice”; but I do know that attempts to contain and preserve it, if it exists, fail. But once the priests have their hands in your pockets, it’s damn hard to get them out. You can chop off the hands of Jewish priests and their 10% only to find the hands of Catholic priests and their 10% in your pockets instead. We got rid of the Catholic priests, only to fund Oral Roberts and screaming Holy Rollers on every hillbilly TV station.

But folks, I tell you, they are innocent, those Holy Rollers, innocent as lambs, compared to the secular priests who’ve taken over in the wake of Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson: those secular militarists who napalm little girls: for Christ, mind you: “under God,” they make your children say.

But then before they had napalm they had already kidnapped generations of those children for the “schools.”

It’s a little too late to protest now. But notice, despite the despair: they all leak. None contain what they’re supposed to contain. If there’s justice in a Justice Department, it’s a random amount, about the same amount as you’d get without the institution. Am I saying that because of schools that nobody is literate? No, there is some literacy, but there had been some before the schools existed. Music wasn’t invented after Julliard; Julliard was invented after music.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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