What They Say, WhaCha Get


What You Get Ain’t What The Institutions Say

This post captures some of pk’s original Knatz.com module on Institutions.

Kleptocracy’s institutions (perhaps all human institutions?)
are streamlined to stunt, filter out, to render invisible … those ideas most vital for reform.
Some get through anyway; But enough?

We torture the obvious when we say we’re free. The more laws kleptocrats legislate to claim freedom the less free we are. Only a moron will accept a law as evidence of something being true: the rationalist will look for examples: and counter examples! Without examples, the claim cannot be true; where counter-examples mix with examples, the claim is likewise false.

Ivan Illich said it, I repeat:

Our institutions come to serve purposes incompatible with the spirit of their charter.

Institutions tend to get judged by the spirit implicit in their charter; not by their actual performance.

The more Johnny can’t read, the more resources the schools can demand to teach him.
The more Johnny can’t read, the more religiously the schools will be believed to be necessary.

Institutions are so that the robot priests of the diseased society rule.
Thus resources flow only to those with the disease.

2009 02 06
For some time now I’ve been planning on expanding on the idea immediately above: culture sets certain assumptions as defaults: thus, the priest may bugger the altar boy, but his family, his community, may not be able to digest the fact. After all, a man of God wouldn’t do such a thing! Hell, the boy himself may default back to the same belief.

Did the Jews of 1940 Berlin (or Warsaw) believe that the Nazis represented order?

PS: Analogously, rookie cops think their role is to stop “the bad guys”; the next thing you know they’re hitting strikers with night sticks, riding point for the bad guys: they are the bad guys, are among the bad guys. Next thing you know, the cop, the soldier, is asked to scrouge Jesus, asked to drive the nails in his hands, stick the spear in his side. And they do: accompanied by moron fascist oxymora like “Long Live Death!” (Actual quote (translated) from the Spanish Civil War: one of Franco’s lieutenants.)

Get a load of that picture from the Vancouver riots: the kissing couple!

kissing riot
thanx huffpost


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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