Political Complements

My pkTools bog just posted a Bucky Fuller point knocked off the web when Knatz.com was destroyed.

Bucky Fuller used to say that you can never do just one of anything: there will always be a complement, often invisible. His illustration involved Bucky-geometry: say you define a square as a polygon with four sides and four equal angles. Sure enough, we all had four right angles of 90 degrees each shoved at us, we recognize Bucky’s primary figure. Then Bucky pointed out that that square was your primary square but that it could not exist without a complimentary square: one with four equal angles of 270 degrees. Say your primary square has an area of one square foot; then your complementary square, your ghost square, with have an area of all of planar space minus one square foot! Here’s your square; there, surrounding it, touching it, is the rest of the universe.

I put it there today so I could make the following point here, referring to it: in politics, in culture, in anything, the same applies. You can’t do a good deed without simultaneously doing a complementary deed. In binary, if you have a one, then that one is Not a zero. If you have a child and that child is a girl, then that child is not a boy. If you build a church to honor the God Jehovah, then that church does not honor the god Bacchus (because the God Jehovah insists on exclusives; you could build a church to Bacchus and to Osiris, but not to Jehovah and any other god.

You can build a university to promote learning, but you’ll simultaneously be limiting what learning gets promoted. You cannot build a university that teaches Darwin and have it also teach Creation: not and have Creation what Jehovah’s church means by it anyway.

My university taught what was known about Shakespeare in the West as of 1962: but it was deaf to my attempts to lead that knowledge to 1962. I don’t believe my university had any awareness that that’s what it was doing. Bucky could have spoken there every day of the week, but no one understood what he was saying. And no one understood what I was saying either.

And that’s why I founded the Free Learning Exchange, Inc.: to create an institution that cold talk about Bacchus or Jehovah, because it didn’t grant any exclusives. FLEX could transmit talk about flat earths or Kepler earths, Ptolemaic universes or Copernican universes, one foot squares or complementary universes. But flexible people would have had to have come along. They didn’t.

Maybe there weren’t any.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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