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Thus saith

Catfarmer 'signature' drawing by pk the feral domesticated misfit Anarchist!

Don’t burn your dictionary yet, but it’s toast already when words can change their spots so completely.

Government is becoming an uglier cariacature of its former unattractive self.

Anger never feels so good as when you let go of it.

Forgiving them to death

[Mocking] … the assumption that personal freedom should entitle us to get in each other’s faces

The uninformed … undertake the education of the unenlightened.

[Democracy:] Everyone eventually gets a chance to make someone else miserable.

Maybe we need a new political party, with Leviathan as a mascot.

Neglecting ourselves even as we fuss in the mirror.

It’s the wanting to escape that makes a partner a prisoner.

Nothing like an honorable end to a miserable existence.

Being a prisoner of love is a natural condition.

I think God is always talking, but we’re never or rarely listening.

When one’s life is milk gone sour, one might as well make yogurt with it.

We hold each other hostage as we attempt to extort some meaning out of life.

God doesn’t need to be spoken to … he needs to be heard.

Love is a two edged sword … I think Jesus was saying that we should use it defensively, and not offensively.

No wonder the predatory state prefers an unarmed populace.

Whereas tyranny can take infinite forms, … my patience for it is unquestionably finite.

… a conspirator in the demise of your own freedom

Only the state could institutionalize medical incompetence, while granting it immunity from liability and a license to practice at the same time.

Shall we stamp … ideological diseases into the very genetic structure of the human species?

Much of your life (children, pets, furniture, mutual friends, financial records, even identity) may simply have to be left behind as a downpayment on freedom.

[The] leash may be invisible, but it will only grow shorter.

The stalker has no respect for your privacy, but s/he despises your autonomy.

When the state can take your liberties, it can take liberties with you.

On meaning, definition; information, ambiguity:
… the meaning it has to the hearer is the one that will be heard.Did you know that politics is the leading cause of war? That politics probably kills more people worldwide than smoking, every year? Do you want your kids taking up such a nasty habit, especially at a tender age? While you’re warning them about the dangers of drugs, sex, and alcohol, toss in a word of caution about politics.

He who loves peace has already overcome the enemy in his own heart.

Anarchism is my declaration of peace with you. It is a repudiation of the use of coercive power to achieve my own ends, or to abet the domination of any man by his fellows, or over his fellows.

What new class of criminal will the next wave of political reforms create? What legal behavior will next be classified as criminal for the sake of public health or national security? Whose standards will decide what is crime, and what defines freedom? It’s absurd to make such a stink about secondhand smoke and ignore the more deadly, offensive, and ubiquitous effects of secondhand politics.

There is no minimum age to take up the foul habit of polluting other people’s lives with the odor of sensibilities run amok. Kids may not be able to vote, but they certainly get involved in politics and are often encouraged to do so. Where’s the outrage over seducing young minds into the vile and addictive habit of minding everyone else’s business?

To protect the unwitting consumer from unscrupulous big business, small business must henceforth be witlessly nipped in the bud.

Alas! The priceless may be pawned for a pittance, and the shame is, the purchaser rarely esteems the priceless higher than the pittance he paid for it. Such is politics … the vote that meant so much to the voter, pawned at the poll booth; perhaps the voter would have held on to it, had he recognized its value. That vote, withheld, might have counted: while the vote that was cast — like a favor, once granted too readily — is soon forgotten, and courted no longer.

Government is the mechanism by which you mind my business and I mind yours.

We even find ourselves mysteriously bamboozled into supporting the absurd pretense that political participation has something to do with self-government. It has nothing to do with self-government in reality, and everything to do with not being able to pinpoint who in fact is really governing us, or to what end. Are we the stooges of a liberal media, or a conservative agenda gone out to eat grass? Or perhaps they really are our stooges, as the theory goes: Wouldn’t it be more practical to drop the middlemen and self-govern?

Even if a Restraining Order ever did any good, who is going to issue one against the government?

Good intentions are no excuse for making prisoners and hostages of people who have less political clout than you do.

Anarchism is my statement of intention to mind my own business, and not to interest myself in yours beyond what is welcome, mannerly, and appropriate to our relationship, because I expect the same courtesy from you. We will only care about each other when our relationship is peaceful, and it is not a peaceful act to care to the extent of violating another person’s boundaries.

If you honestly value diversity, yet believe that it must be administered or doled out by a central authority, you anticipate that the one thing that is most capable of killing diversity, and also has the best incentive to destroy it, will magically act to preserve it.

Politics gives the habit of butting into other people’s business an aura of respectability…

Giving diversity a limited range of acceptable ways in which it can manifest doesn’t honor it any more than protest zones honor the right to free speech; that’s just another way to quarantine the healthy elements of society against infecting the diseased ones.

Government is becoming an uglier caricature of its former unattractive self.

… Croon about having a level playing field, as if you hadn’t already covered it with booby traps and dunghills: Ask yourself if it’s a field you want to compete on.

… Modern day equivalent of Pharisees: bound up in the formalities of law, yet unharmed by the casualties inflicted by the law. They have built a mausoleum for Justice, and called it a courthouse; they write a death warrant for kindness, and dub it a “minimum sentence;” they tar and feather the hapless innocent while the guilty look on approvingly, and call it law enforcement. They decide, via the law, what is sin and who is a sinner: Once in America, people were innocent until proven guilty. Now, through the metastasizing process of law, all are guilty until proved innocent. What healthy cell can successfully plead innocent in the court of the cancer?

The higher law dwells within man;the lower serves as a cage to confine him.

A government that restrains the people, but cannot restrain itself, has so far outworn its originally intended usefulness that it presents an immediate danger to the people.

A mind of one’s own is an unthinkable thing to waste. Own your mind: mind your own.

A sense of truth is gleaned from a lifetime of discarding lies. It filters like sunlight through an old growth forest of dogma and misconception.

Argue me into trusting your armed forces with a thousand nuclear weapons when you say I shouldn’t trust myself with one pistol.

Be worried, ladies … we may soon learn that boobs have been declared weapons of ass distraction.

Bureaucrats vote with taxpayer’s involuntary donations; that’s a “democratic process.”

Call a habit you don’t like a crying shame; not a crime.

Church and state will never be entirely separate, because they are fraternal twins.

Declare an end to divisiveness or learn to love war.

Do not pinch yourself: every one will say ouch, now that we’ve become a “collective body.”

Equality is as equality does.

Gifts are a luxury; that is why they so seldom get used.

God, of course, would heartily approve of our government; after all, He created the Kudzu vine, too.

If … you don’t see electrodes and truth serum or inquisitors and thumbscrews in your own crystal ball: Dust it off and look again.

It doesn’t have to make sense; it’s the law.

Justice and Liberty are both wallflowers now; the Law has forgotten who it brung to the dance and is doing the two-step with Tyranny, and Uncle Sam has gone carousing with Privilege.

Laws are the leading preventable cause of crime: hence, one suspects, the term “criminal law.”

Learning from one’s mistakes isn’t a right or a privilege; it’s the process of individuation itself.

Like skin on the human body, personal boundaries or national borders must be porous enough to breathe, while remaining intact. Politics form a smothering layer on either, like a winter coat worn in the summertime.

Link arms with the state, or pack up and leave.

Lonely perches often provide panoramic views.

manufactured problems

Misfits love company.

Nothing would erode hierarchical social structures more swiftly than true freedom of belief, and both church and state are structured vertically.

People left to their own resources might eventually work out ways to live in peace with each other, and that would be a tragedy for those who use conflict as an excuse to govern.

Perhaps politics, like sex and drugs, are one of the things conscientious adults ought to refrain from doing in front of impressionable children.

Political thinking leads people to take sides on every contentious issue imaginable; peace requires that people find ways to sustain harmony.

Politics boils down to which political party cooks up “public policy,” and whose private parts get politically burnt in the process.

Power over other people is anathema to decent folks; they don’t want it.

Renounce privilege in favor of justice.

Repetition is the mother of retention 🙂

Schools actually encourage cheating: the teacher provides the answer, and the student remembers it, or fails. If you want good grades, pay rapt attention in class. If you’d rather think for yourself, try falling asleep in class early and often.

Self-defense must remain an entirely individual decision — only an individual facing an intricate set of circumstances at hand can hope to properly determine how to react to his circumstances.

Surely people don’t need to outgrow their hearts in order to engage their brains.

The ability to create unnatural laws systematically rather than allowing ourselves to evolve in our understanding of natural law lies at the heart of the human condition.

The government will quickly make the worst of the best system: a free market will gradually make the best of the worst system.

The law: malicious, not judicious.

The men who would govern us are pros at cons to deprive us of voluntary divisions of labor.

This gift of freedom belongs to us as sisters, or none of us have it.

Truth makes the finest armor, and the remarkable thing is that when you shield the truth, it will also shield you.

Tyranny loves a crowd mentality.

Undoubtedly, I benefit more from my boundless ignorance than I do from my limited knowledge.

War creates jobs by destroying lives.

Why use the greatest evil to rid the world of lesser ones?

Wisely used liberty is its own reward; foolishly used liberty is its own punishment.

We once had founders, and now we’re lost.

Not drop-out; opt-out!

The coercive musculature of the State

Longer quotes:

At every turn in the labyrinth of life, CatFarmer steps in fresh evidence of hapless humanity devoured by the Minotaur. This preposterously sacred bull dwells at the core of the worldly dilemma. A monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man, the Minotaur represents humankind overruled by brute impulse, bestial instinct, and lack of human consciousness. He masquerades in the guises of gods and of governments, in which forms he commands hordes of willing victims to sate his voracious appetite. Cat is determined to give the old beast a severe case of indigestion — if she fails in her modest ambition to permanently ruin his appetite first.

An expert is someone who has thrown down an anchor in a placid harbor of shallow certainties, rather than brave the uncertain depths of a vast and largely uncharted ocean of knowledge and wisdom. The expert ridicules the intrepid explorer who prefers to ride the waves of consciousness, adrift in search of new horizons to discover. The expert looks backward, surveying previous maps and models; the explorer, looking forward, is content to construct new models and create new maps for the next generation of experts to croon over. So it goes; and the sage appreciates both and despises neither, shuttling to and fro between certainty and uncertainty: looking forward now and backward then, gleaning seeds from the stubble of exhausted fields of knowledge to plant them again in fresh and fertile fields for the future.

And, on pk:
For a blunt fellow, you’re pretty sharp 🙂

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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