K. Structure bak

I duplicate the primary “Page,” K. Structure as a “post” while I edit it:

Sentience …

Paul Knatz
Paul Knatz on line (aka: Knatz.com)
Knatz.com Structure

didactic files
modules about the world
personal files
modules about Paul Knatz, the individual
administrative files
metaK. files
(this “page” is a meta-blog file)

I’ll be using WordPress.com’s category capacity to map Knatz.com as a logical hierarchy of subject matter. The sub-pages will also provide menus.

Former draft:
Knatz.com had two main divisions: personal materials, teaching materials. The division was for convenience: the personal area was highly didactic; the teaching area had a great deal that was personal: occasionally biographical. “Bio” and “Tch” were the two main folders on my Mac/WS/Doc/. Graphic files were in “Pic”: a fourth text folder held meta-files: files “about” Knatz.com: the way these WordPress blog “pages” are about this blog (while the contents of the blog manifests as “posts”).

At Knatz.com I called my posts modules. I meant them to be like Bucky Fuller paragraphs: modular sections of a coherent universe.

“K.” once again symbolizes any and all pk domains: personal, epistemological, cosmological, theological, philsophical; not business. PKImaging.com was business; Knatz.com was personal. Macroinformation.org, InfoAll.org … spun off from Knatz.com: properly they were sub-sets of K.

My teaching section, once again, my main section, was divided into:
Thinking Tools: modules of the first importance

The Society folder became enormous, and changed substructure and labels more than once. At the time of my arrest and censoring in 2006, K. / tch / soc/ had three main sub-folders:
Social Epistemology
Social Order
Social Survival.

When the FBI returned my computers, without apologizing, without recompense, I began revising the sub-structure: Social Order I re-conceived as NoHier (replacing my censored AgainstHierarchy.org domain).

Macroinformation.org has spun off from K. / Teaching / Thinking Tools / Information.
InfoAll.org had spun off from K. / Teaching / Society / Social Order / FLEX. That is: Free Learning Exchange: that is, deschooling.

Against Hierarchy.org spun off from K. / Teaching / Society / Social Order / … politics … but got murdered before it was two months old.

The / Scholarship folder had its substructure which I may return to once the gigantic Thinking Tools and Society sections are recreated here.

The other main division, K. / Bio / or personal files I’ll deal with after a few giant steps with Teaching / Tools and / Society. The essential parts of that were rescued at my InfoAll blog, and deal with my personal history with the government, church, school, university hierarchy of kleptocratic fraud. pk stories, which had their own section at K. / Bio / Stories (and their chronological and thematic subfolders), have a small toe hold here at PKnatz blog: categorized as “stories.”

Knatz.com’s structure was thus thematic. Blogs’ structure is diary-like: chronological.
WordPress helps with its “category” system. Current blog hosts help further with their recent addition of temporal editing: I can write a post today, but date it last week, last month, year … decade. Thus, I’ll probably wind up rescuing Thinking Tool modules as though they were all posted in 1997, or 2007. Thus, if you access a post from say July 2007, you would know it’s (offered as) a Thinking Tool.

Stay tuned: I’ll expatiate on my categories. I’m against political hierarchies, I’m against institutional categories, but I sure love natural categories, structures implicit in the universe, in nature, in human thought, modeling experience …

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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