Experts Meritocracy

Kleptocracies work hard to orchestrate the illusion that quality is rewarded, that our rulers have access to the big picture, have God, good, virtue, excellence in mind.
Till the middle of the Nineteenth Century woman gave birth aided by midwives. But in England the medical doctors decided that their expertise was needed. Childbirth deaths skyrocketed, the replaced midwives received no compensation, no apology. Since then the doctors have taken over nearly everything that families used to do for themselves. Meantime understand: the doctors give us the impression that they led the way in childbirth safety. No, quite the opposite. The doctors give the impression that they led the way in hygiene, surgeons washing their hands before an operation, for example. On the contrary, the doctors, experts even then, dragged their feet against every proposed reform (never mind that it may have been an individual doctor, Doctor Reed, who proposed the reform; the bulk of doctors opposed the reform). It was doctors who insisted that they didn’t need to wash their hands before sticking their last patient’s germs into your open guts!

Don’t forget: when Galileo built his telescope, and right away saw moons around Jupiter, it was the experts of his day, his fellow astronomers, who refused to look through his telescope. They preferred the certitude they had without looking.

Yes, folks: there are your experts, valiantly endangering you by using authority to enforce the text of the disproved textbook: last years expertise, not the new interpretation.

Our major religion tells the same story: God sent Jesus, the priests of the Temple, refused to hear him. They broke all laws of decency, committed crime after blasphemy to silence God! There’s your meritocracy: what we’ve always had: white people dictating what’s what about the natives territories.

After Jesus has been crucified, the new priest promoted to replace the ill Caiaphas, is so stupid, so ignorant, so unobservant, that he believes he’s being promoted for his intelligence, his piety … his authority. No. He’s being mis-dealt by the kleptocrats to replace Jesus, to prevent God from being heard. The experts sabotage genius, subvert truth, promote only themselves.

That’s why we need Judgment: so that the thieves don’t get the last word, even in the last situation.

Ah, but what if real experts ran things?! Well, that’s the very idea of God, isn’t it? That there is a truth, and a ruthless enough force could shove it down our throats, no matter how we resist.

2011 07 07 Creation, a movie about Darwin, has a wonderful scene in which Darwin finds his daughter with bloody knees. Daughter Darwin said something about dinosaurs to the neighboring pastor, family friend (local expert); the Reverend denied that there were dinosaurs. Annie Darwin had seen the fossils, she stuck to her guns. Mrs. Darwin explains that the Reverend had made Annie kneel in rock salt for her obstinacy. Darwin is ready to throttle this interfering expert, but Mrs. Darwin pleads him into forbearance. Darwin yields, as he had all his life, but then he goes ahead, as Huxley had been urging him, and writes Origin of Species.
That was 1859: but notice: experts can still kidnap our children, punish their trusting the evidence of their senses, their processing of the evidence: Authority Against Man.

(I for one would cooperate with being against Man if Authority were ever right about anything. Man is no great guide, but Authority bats zero.)

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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