Opportunist Feeders

Babies drink milk, if they’re mammals. Clams feed filtering the water.
Kleptocracies feed by claiming that whatever they find is theirs!

That’s why God gives Canaan to the Jews, that’s why Christians take God from the Jews, that’s why Custer raided the Black Hills and why Nazis kill Jews after stealing the god.

I’ll say more about that but first let me assemble some images from Sergei Eisenstein’s masterpiece of propaganda, Alexander Nevsky.


God, I love that movie! (But try renting it these days as a DVD.) (How accidental is its scarcity? About as accidental as the average kleptocrat never having heard of pk, having no idea what Illich said, or how pk tried to help him say it, how pk tried to extend it …

Teutonic Knights

Teutonic Knights

In the 1960s I passed a bookstore in Manhattan that offered a book on Eisenstein, published in Moscow, with stills from the pix and drawings by Eisenstein, story boards … fabulous. Idiot me loaned it to filmmaker Murray Bruce, and that’s the last I ever saw of it (not the only thing he stole from me, that momsa. (Yiddish, I don’t know the spelling.) That book had some stills of the leader of the Teutons in his absurd helmet. I’ll still try to find it. If you find it, let me know: any of the great stills of those thieves dressed in white, with their priest, dressed in black! Oh, man, the still of the priest sitting at the organ, outdoors!

Teutons Burning Babies in Pskov

baby burning

Now: I’ve posted my piece on how bureaucracies can steal from citizens by supplying an endless stream of interchangeable bureaucrats, none of whom will understand a word the citizen says, not if it implies any inadequacy or wrongdoing on the part of the kleptocracy: and, if the bureaucrat looks to the bureaucracy like he might be beginning to understand, to pay attention, the kleptocracy can make that bureaucrat disappear and another bureacrat appear in his place, resetting infinitely to zero: communication impossible: except as dictated by the bureaucracy!

For example: the Lakota people lived on and around the North American plains. The Black Hills of what we now call the Black Hills were sacred to them: but they moved around, where the grass was fresh, where the hunting was optimal: for game, for women, for children … Washington DC heard that there was gold in the Black Hills, so it sent General Custer, to murder the locals, so some other bureaucrat could come and steal the gold. Lakota means “the people.” Dakota means “peace.” (And of course DC didn’t have people; it had specialists: this one to scout, that one to give speeches, the other one to kill, and one to mine …)

But Crazy Horse helped his people defend against Custer and his klepbots: but it did no good, or only temporary good: DC send other Custers. DC has Bureaucrat1 2 3 N … DC has GeneralCuster1 2 3 N …: just as the school system has Teacher1 2 3 N …

The Lakota could fight, they always had. And they took Custer1 and shoved his aggression up his ass. But as some point they had to eat, to sleep, to move camp, to fish, to steal more women, to have babies; whereas Klepbots1 2 3 N … don’t need any of those things: they just stick their feeding siphon deeper into your pocket, and you keep them in the field: until there’s no possibility of life left, for anything. We had a world that could feed an enormous variety of life, and we turn it into a pile of rubble: with gold in the vault: sending seeds for more klepbots, teachers, doctors, into space.

Specialists, Interchangeable

Of course the specialists aren’t totally identical, completely interchangeable; when Custer first arrives to do battle with the Lakota, Custer understands perfectly well who and what Crazy Horse is, and Crazy Horse knows fairly well who and what General Custer is. But the DC bureaucrat who builds the jail that Crazy Horse is put into understands who Crazy Horse is far less well, and the warden who comes later won’t understand at all who Crazy Horse is: and Crazy Horse will recognize Warden3 to be an almost-clone of Warden2 but won’t see Warden5 to be a clone of Custer1 2 3 N …: Custer might beat Crazy Horse 1 our of 5 tries, but Warden8 wouldn’t beat Crazy Horse on the field of battle no matter how many tries he had.

Meantime, Warden13‘s SecretaryN will be sure that only the jail walls save her from rape by Crazy Horse!

PSs: So many pk/pKnatz categories relate here: Institutions have always sorted functionaries by ignorance: churches, court systems … Every serious Bible scholar knows that the Bible is full of transcription errors, nearly every scholar will understand that not all the errors are accidental: but a church can always find a priest or a brother or a nun who does not know that to teach the children. Think of Grisham’s The Firm: every partner in the firm knows they’re shills for the Mafia: only the newly hired don’t know it. In John MacDonald’s Condominium the senior lawyer explains to the middle aged going no where lawyer: every law firm needs an ignorant putz who doesn’t know shit from Shinola to put between itself and the public. pk adds: like a condom!

Before Custer1 Crazy Horse might have raped Warden13‘s SecretaryN if he encountered her on a raid, though I doubt it; not if there were a Lakota-neighbor woman in sight. Why would Crazy Horse want a woman who thought she was white: no matter what she looked like?

Now I, pk, wouldn’t likely rape the Lakota girl or the neighbor girl or the warden’s secretary: because I was brought up to believe that rape was wrong no matter what. Fortunately women have always found me attractive enough that no rape has been necessary, or, rape may have been the other way around, sort of. I’m glad I don’t know from experience how I might have come to feel were I still unblooded at age thirty-five … or seventy. But Crazy Horse we may assume was taught that it was wrong to rape his fellow tribeswomen. The rule would say nothing about the neighbors, let alone the invaders. Or, the rule would say that you must rape the invaders, and kill them, and feed their corpses to the crows. Check with an anthropologist.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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