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2016 08 20 All governments are kleptocracies, are they not? Commonly kleptocracies argue for their legitimacy. Could there be any legitimacy to a kleptocracy claiming legitimacy? Is there any kleptocracy that doesn’t fund universities to interrupt philosophers until there are no philosophers left, only Yes men, ratifying the kleptocracy’s claims. My democracy claims to represent me, but has never for one moment shown me anyone in power capable of understanding what I’ve said to them.

Never mind for the moment what your theology is: accept monotheism as a metaphor for the moment: Pilate’s power is based on military dominance: Tiberius is not required to know who God is, Jesus is, Christ is: Tiberius just has to crucify by the hundred. Jefferson was a good writer, was good enough a politics, and we refer to Jefferson for much of our democratic rhetoric; but has Jefferson ever once been presented, accurately, with any point I’ve ever tried to make? Is he legitimately qualified to represent me? If Jefferson isn’t, who is?

Monday my trial with Judge Ritenauer continues: does Judge Ritenauer know who I am? Has he read my writing? Does he know how my riting has been suppressed? Does he know that the federal judge knocked down a few of my domain folders but than all my domains tumbled in the wake of that censorship. Does the US know how often it’s wiped me out? (It doesn’t care: it enslaved me to its school system, never consulting me.) But Ritenauer pushes the cases through like cutting cookies, too stupid too illiterate too illegimate to see that his role is indistinguishable from Dante’s Satan in Hell.

2006 08 19 Notice: In Hamlet, the king has been murdered. The reigning king is a fraud, the prince has been passed over, that prince is killed in a failure of putting things right. In the tragedy of that name Macbeth’s throne is won by murder, same as throughout the tragedies, and the history plays.

In As You Like It, a comedy, the legitimate rulers are in exile, the sitting government has been usurped.

Gee: just like in monotheistic theology!
Just like in Christianity!

The Tempest finds its true magician exiled on an island on the other side of the world: and yet a storm wrecks his high-sailing usurpers at his feet.

Without stretching, the list of congruent plays, tragedies, comedies, and histories, builds. Richard III … With only the tiniest bit of stretching the others match suit: the Duke in Measure for Measure wasn’t usurped but is hiding, spying on, instead of ruling, his realm.

The US maintains a visible presence: bureaucracy, cops, armies, but also an invisible presence: spooks, spies, informers. All cops have informers.

Stretch just a bit more and we find other rulings on holiday: Othello’s virtue, his male rightness, has taken a holiday without informing him.

There: I’ve stated the raw point, illustrated it in part. I don’t expect to return for another session at the illustrations: any reader can do that. I do intend though to return for the stretches: Othello’s sabotaging male infallibility, madness on the throne, in the family, in The Winter’s Tale

2006 06 20


  1. Being in compliance with the law; lawful: a legitimate business.
  2. Being in accordance with established or accepted patterns and standards: legitimate advertising practices.
  3. Based on logical reasoning; reasonable: a legitimate solution to the problem.
  4. Authentic; genuine: a legitimate complaint.
  5. Born of legally married parents: legitimate issue.
  6. Of, relating to, or ruling by hereditary right: a legitimate monarch.
  7. Of or relating to drama of high professional quality that excludes burlesque, vaudeville, and some forms of musical comedy: the legitimate theater.

All the world’s a stage
Shakespeare’s Jacques

2003 11 19

It’s a shame we know so little about the bands of humans that colonized the earth before tribes formed, kleptocracies then emerging as “nations.” But I’ll bet that even small groups of humans fostered (or concocted) group memories and that some of those memories specialized in the group’s legitimacy. Certainly all kleptocracies concoct such memories.

We promote “historians” to make these memories seem compelling, simultaneously demoting skeptics. But the skeptics keep emerging, can never be altogether silenced, live on refuse, never shut up …

Today it is my purpose to weave a macroimage from images and points scattered around Knatz.com. If the visitor has already visited before, she may readily recognize most of the themes.

I swear to God

One thing that groups do is to find a synecdoche for some core concept, God / Truth, for example, then use the synecdoche as a metaphor till the difference is blurred for new generations (God/Truth), then blur it further, palming it as an identity: God = Truth. Thereafter, the group can counterfeit anything, and pass it as legitimate.

There’s one sticky problem though: the counterfeiting passes only in the group: a cowrie shell culture might trade for gold, but I doubt that they’d be anxious to accept US greenbacks any more than they’d accept Confederate issue, Monopoly money, or Hirohito’s paper yen.

When Russian film makers first experimented with the montage technique — so perfected by Eisenstein, audiences fled the theater. They were horrified. They could accept flickering light on a screen as a substitute for actors, already accepting actors as a substitute for persons; but now the “actors” were chopped up into pieces. This butchery turned the simple peasants’ stomachs. The same film shown to some newly discovered group in Borneo might produce no reaction at all. All stage conventions are learned by their audiences: usually early enough to pass for “natural.” These days all that looks odd about Eisenstein is that the screen is too small, where’s the color? where’s the booming surround sound? how come the body pieces are all so slavic? But the body pieces themselves, we accept that convention: no problem at all.

Wash up on an uninhabited island somewhere: one not filled with junk: human artifacts from previous visits. You’re alone. Will swearing to God do you any good? Is all the world a stage now? Or is this island not part of the “world”?

Yes, that’s my point. Everything in civilization is staged, though different civilizations will have different staging (different gods).

The old Teutons could swear to God (Odin, Thor …) as readily as an Irish might swear by Mary, Joseph, and St. Patrick, but in their Ordeals, they sought to eliminate the staging: they let the river decide what was natural, acceptable, not phoney. You’re bound from crotch to neck and thrown in. If your corpse hasn’t risen in three days, the river accepted you: innocent.

Seeking support for Einstein’s theory Eddington looked for evidence far from earth: evidence not humanly contaminated. His team measured light near an eclipse: believing that neither Blackwell nor David Copperfield was rigging the star light.

I like the Indonesian Celestial Trial even better. I say Yes, my neighbor says No. If the secular courts can’t make peace between us, one of us may invoke the Celestial Trial. If I challenge and my neighbor refuses, that lends credibility to my Yes. If he accepts we ascend ladders to huts on stilts. The huts have no roof and no floor. We are brought a ration of water and some little solid food. There’s no place to sit or lie. We can get off the ladder but not get comfortable. We can return to standing on the ladder: till the rungs torture our poor feet. Who ever yields first loses. If I endure the torture longer, then my Yes is the choice deemed not a lie.

Certainly that’s better than a trial by jury, isn’t it? And notice: my offer to endure the Celestial Trial against the schools, against the churches, against the police, against Congress, against the media … has gone unaccepted these many years.

(Point subsequently paraphrased in its own section, still to be moved here.)

Now I pull in one other Knatz.com thread. I hope YOU tie it into a good macroimage.

The cop, the lawyer, the litigant … says “Can you prove that so and so did such and such? Bateson’s argument that reason never proves anything will not be admitted by the court. No, the court conducts itself only by old, long-falsified fallacies, by long-discredited certainties … No. So long as the proofing process is staged by the counterfeiters, only counterfeiting can be proved legitimate in such a court.

Exactly. If the three-card monte dealer has swindled enough money from the gulls, he can hire Johnny Cochran … and no evidence accepted by the court can prove that the three-card monte dealer is a three-card monte dealer.

No. You have to go outside the system. You have to violate the rules. You have to tear a hole in the theater roof, show the staging from back stage …

How’s this? Just grab the three-card monte dealer, hold him upside down, and shake him. If other cards come spilling from his sleeves, shouldn’t that be enough?

When Lear meets Gloucester on the heath, Lear apologizes that he must wipe his hand on his rags before shaking hands: his hand stinks of mortality.

You want to know who’s lying? see whose lips are moving. You want to know who’s a gull? rip their cloths off. wipe away their makeup. Find testes? a penis? a vulva? a vagina? What more should you need to show?

Human! note

Next case.

2005 12 15

More Fake Science: Why should science, or law, or religion … be honest when fake science gets much more lucrative results, much faster?
(Science – Reuters)

Science is wonderful. Gracious, an actual technic (set of) to test our honesty as well as our intelligence, our ability to map theory a bit closer to experience. But as soon as money is involved, awards, prizes … markets, say goodbye to the chances of your priesthood being any different from any other bunch of hard-grabbers.

Institutions are core to a society’s self-deceptions. We use science to pretend that we’re rational: and government licensed science will indeed always have a real scientist, maybe two, for window dressing. The cops might have an honest cop, the army might have a real hero … The church always had a real saint or two it could showcase on occasion. Hell, the magician can do tricks with a real deck of cards now and then. His paraphernalia will include a real deck along with countless fake decks.

Just remember: my FLEX (1970) offered an institution where the public itself would keep its own records. Nothing could be censored or repressed. Nothing could be showcased either; not using the FLEX system. There’s a difference between the stacks in the library and the showcase in the library. But kleptocracy prefers to operate with some fraternity editing what’s shown.

2005 12 14

Only kleptocrats need to feel legitimate. The more illegitimate they are, the more they need to feel it. Thus our obscene budgets for brainwashing ourselves: church, school, education.

Or am I wrong? Are the origin myths of “primitive” societies attempts to feel connected? Legitimate. Maybe the spectrum is lengthy. Still, you see clearly don’t you, how the budget escalates the more kleptocratic the society?

I would like to know: if education in a society ever transferred from centralized, like in the first world, back to decentralized, like through most history previous, how much mythologizing would remain? Could humans ever be realistic? honest? sane?

I don’t question our intelligence nearly so much as our sanity. And our honesty.

2005 01 04

What does it matter who holds the keys to the Bastille, the king or the cardinal? the Temple or the Church? the Inquisition or the university? The structures are near identical. They are political structures: kleptocrats pretending to be in touch with God, with reason, with justice … with intelligence. Where does any Sanhedrin get off judging any Jesus? Where do any bunch of kleptocrats get off judging those accused of being lesser thieves? The Bastille is the Bastille, whoever holds the keys.

2004 09 27

I’m pleased that I’ve endeavored to make this important point, a point social humans (and what other kind are there?) seem blind to; but I’m not at all satisfied with how I’ve expressed it. If all members of set A are liars, then no individual member should need an individual trial: just batch them. If all members of set A are thieves … ditto. If you find that the science lab rigs its results, you may question all the findings of that lab.

Mad once showed its Flesh Garden (for Flash Gordon) where the sexy girl asks Flesh why he assumes that the salivating monster holding Dr. Zark immobile while he salts him, peppers, him, whets his knife … plans to eat Dr. Zark. Human beings don’t have to prove things to mistrust things.

But: if we talk about proof, then we ought to have some idea of what’s involved. And authority must in all cases not be permitted to substitute itself for any essential ingredients. The lawyers do not know more about it than the reasonable twelve year old. Neither does the Pope, nor the President. Only the evidence counts. And there is no evidence independent of the reasoning system. Beware of anything palmed as a final analysis. Before God himself attempts to prove something is final, he should first have to prove that time has stopped, that all possible evidence is in, that there are no mistakes, that all maps equal their territories … I don’t mean prove it to the morons in the theater audience; no: prove it to the entire cosmos!

You know what I wish I knew about the Teutonic Ordeals? wish I knew but don’t? What happened next? Did all the property of the accusers get transferred to the family of the dead guy?

This one’s easier: in the United States against John Smith, if the United States fails to convict John Smith, does John Smith then own the United States?

Don’t worry. If that were a possibility, John Smith will always be convicted.

Pretend though that the answer is yes. Next question: can John Smith then restore the grass lands, the herds of bison? Will the forests reappear? the extinct species?

2011 07 18 Today thoughts of Esau are preventing me from concentrating on update links and menus here at pK blog. I just love how the Jews fill their stories with examples of their own faithlessness, disobedience, stupidity, and, with Esau, cheating, illegitimacy … In primitive thought it’s the talisman which is magical, not the legitimacy of the holder of the talisman. Money is exactly like that in our kleptocracy. Digital money that could be traceable, leave fingerprints could be invented, but that would undercut the whole kleptocracy!
A quick search shows me that there are already a few references to Esau here at pK. 2,500 modules still to be recreated!



Or rip the roof off their palace, their cathedral, their congress … The courtiers, the legislators, may scurry like cockroaches, but all you need is to find back rooms and see that deals were made there. Or find evidence cabinets in which every rational procedure of evidence keeping was violated again and again.

Human is bad enough; but kleptocrats! QED. Next case.

But we didn’t know! We did what we were told! We did what we needed to do to get along! (with the chief bandits.) …

If god takes any of that seriously, as worth answering, it’s more than enough to say, “Sure, but you never let the teachers string three words together, promoted the interrupters …


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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