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I want to discuss the sexual exploitation of children, especially females the world has watched develop into adults: Brooke Shields, Jody Foster … Britney Spears, Emma Watson …

When I offered a low-cost social internet in 1970 I was imagining digital data on mainframes using modems where a world with a billion or so people could maintain a 3×5 card or so of information: who I am, what I offer, how to get me, what I want. I imagined that everyone could have a simple text ad, very fast, very cheap; audio, graphics … were expendable: bulky, expensive, slow, not democratic, not Christian sharing.
But the kleptocracy continued to knock me down, make sure I starved: while it plagiared what I said to its own immoral purposes. When I first published online, around 1991 or so, I posted an art gallery where the artists were illustrated by small graphics: still too slow to load. But I managed to sell some art for a dozen or two artists despite the slow speeds and small images. Then things got faster, but (managed by and for obsolescence, the obsolescence planned) only so the traffic jam could escalate.

Now I offered a post (Magic Wands) with a picture of the young people of the Harry Potter phenomenon, ten year olds turned twenty-something, and my illustration didn’t fit in the blog column! Google provided me with image URLs in seconds. But I can’t find the Emma Watson image I want so I’ll upload it myself, in a moment. But you’ve seen such images, all your life:

Emma jeopardy

I first saw that professionally arresting image at just when IMDb was first making its images hard to get. I downloaded it, frustrated that the image was small, the information poor, and used PhotoShop to enlarge it: meaning, I diluted the poor information further. Still, see what I’m getting at:

Here we have an attractive female child the image professionals have got hold of and they’re exploiting her distinctive genetics for the meretricious profit of their sponsors: they’re devising ways to make a child look sexual beyond her childishness: they’ve dressed her, made her up, posed her … to look like a dime novel heroine in jeopardy: from a seducer, from a rapist, from the landlord, from the big bad Indians, N-s … [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosido in fashion.] Muslims … They’ve torqued her: twisted her, blown her hair, made her look dynamic, mulitplied her attractiveness and her vulnerability.

A minute ago I Google Image searched Brooke Shields, Pretty Baby. Try it. Those are images from when Brooke Shields was twelve. I wish I could easily locate a picture of her showing her ass as a toddler. What’s a girl to do when the mother is a pimp?

I love the image in The Godfather when the Hollywood scumball receives delivery from the mother of a ten year old blond virgin, pretty as a lemon cake. Don’t worry, the Godfather is taking care of this particular bit of kosher toe cheese. All my life my head would turn when I passed a Coppertone billboard. Jody Foster posed for one of those, didn’t she? as a toddler?

I was at a party in the 1960s when the disgusting but funny Commie comedian, Lev, came up behind a women with a babe in arms, protruded his hips toward the baby’s rear, and grunted, “Nice and tight!”

Never mind, I don’t have the energy or the resources to do this properly, might as well have stood in bed. One more thing to be maybe developed another time:
A decade ago I was getting daily email spam promising me pictures of Britney Spears blowing some guy. I didn’t know who Britney Spears was or why I should care. I didn’t know she was supposed to be playing a virgin card. But my son clued me in, introduced me to a corner of my culture I’d blessedly missed till then.

Skipping ahead: the porn doctors had taken a carefully choreographed Britney Spears pic with Spears in a visual tribute-exploitation of Jane Fonda / Barbarella, erased the skimpy top, and PhotoShop-cloned in somebody else’s massive breast. This was an eye-popping boob, not Britney’s! And the same porn people could have taken other Britney Spears images and edited some features into whatever footage they had of their own porn queen.

A current article on the Harry Potter cast’s decade with their phenom commends the “actors” for not losing their heads during this decade of exploitation of wizardry bull: the kids were ten or so when they were cast. They’ve been called actors, but no ten year old is an actor: no twelve year old. They’re models, they do what they’re told. Some adult dresses them, poses them, scripts them … Some teams of digital wizards manipulate the data … And five billion cretins in movie-market-web-boobland cream all over their idea of plump infant’s ass, or crotch, or boob, or wind-blown hair teased mouth.

I’ll find one of those Britney shoots, read in a result, and analyze it macroinformationally another time. Gosh, I already have such a module, censored in 2007. I’ll find and remount it.

Thank God there are still real females, real adults, real sex, that there is still real love in the world.

PS I just saw a denial of the rumor that the Coppertone billboard girl was Jodie Foster: no, the ad gal’s three years old daughter, as of 1959. A family picture. Everybody likes baby’s bottom.

PS further: In the early 1960s the army had me stationed in NYC, Whitehall Street. I commuted in civvies to my military duty, living uptown with my girlfriend. The New Yorker theater, Broadway in the 80s, offered a DW Griffiths festival, the silent film pianist from MOMA doing the music live. My buddy Phil, my girl Hilary, and I watched every one, starting with one and two reelers from the Nineteen-teens. We watched Lillian Gish star as a teen, then as a young woman. By golly I’ve seen Lillian Gish be supremely beautiful right up into her nineties! A stunning female from childhood toward decrepitude and death.

Having loved a real woman way up into her nineties I know how beautiful old women can be! And my beloved Jan just turned 80! Looking fabulous. And we have pictures of her at all other ages!

2011 09 17 There’s more to add above but right now I want to shift gears slightly and acknowledge the fabulous images of children that movies have given us, girls not stinted: Shirley Temple, Dakota Fanning … Now let me share with you one of the most stunning child (female) stills I’ve ever seen in my life: never mind, the URL wasn’t stable: the girl was from Tarkovsky, Solaris. I have it on my HD but not with the right color balance: see Solaris: the Tarkovsky.



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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