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@K. 2011 07 21

Authority is essential to Civilization.
We need Caesar and Herod and the Temple
(with its money changers)
and Caiaphas and Pilate (and the soldiers)
to protect us from Jesus
(from Galileo, from Darwin …
from truth, from God …
from science, from reason.)

If it weren’t for compulsory schools, run by rut-trained illiterates, how would Authority condition the young for the bullet-bursts of stimuli that (kick-)drive Authority’s corporatist marketplace?

Authority is so that when Jesus tells the cop that he’s God’s son,
the cop can tell him that he isn’t.
No further examination necessary.

Do you really think we’d pass muster lying around, doing what we wanted? or what we needed?
Unmanaged, unharnessed, no blinders …

Authority Scrapbook

I’ll be gathering scattered authority posts here, adding scribble.

Leaders don’t need to be intelligent,
And absolutely they must not be honest;
What they need to be is blind-certain that they’re right.

Arbitrary Authority
2014 11 16 Authority starts off as related to experience: we mark the stone and call it a calendar because we can see the moon, count the days. But before long it’s expensive to track improvements, feather-ruffling to admit that the calendar wasn’t always perfect. The calendar becomes an authority, backed by authority-priests. Then God (that is, truth) evaporates from the system, and you’re left just with priests: authorities. Finally, you can elect these authorities.
But you can’t control or correct them, they’re there to control you.
The authority can put his hand in your pocket, then ask for more – so you can reelect him! Platform: he’s the one who can prove that Elvis invented the blues, that not letting Lena Horne sleep in the hotel was just harmless history.

Authority starts off, at least among primate humans, with an individual for the moment being king of the hill: I knocked you all down, I’m the highest. But then the kind of the hill makes his honor inheritable. within a generation or two a derrick couldn’t prevent the crippled prince from his ascendancy. A bureaucracy soon grows, solidifies itself, then grows some more: by law! One day you, the schmuck bystander-citizen, Big-Brother-victim Winston, are told that God’s name is Jehovah: because the kind of the hill says so. Then you’re told that God’s name is Joe, becaue that’s what the most-entrenched bureaucrat, the biggest bluffer Nazi says. And if you’re God, and don’t want to suffer any worse on the cross than you’re already suffering, you better pretend to agree: whether your name is HeShe, Jesus, or Joe.

There’s one hope: the authority pyramid seems to be victorious over leveling gravity because the many mouths that are fed because coercive taxation is harnessed to feed those mouths vote to feed more, and more; but gravity will win in the end. Will the pyramid collapse toward level while there’s an intelligence to notice that the whole enterprise was doomed? Don’t be silly: there is no intelligence.

Social Order

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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