IonaArc Notes

The fed destroyed my domains, my business, what little was left of my life; but my blogs remained. Now I try to recreate pk domains at this blog: pKnatz. Still, bless blogspot, ruined by Google but bless it anyway, IonaArc, my first blog, didn’t wave by one alphanumeric that I’m aware of while the fed arrested me, froze me in jail, staged a mock trial … denied me my meds, then shoved meds into every orifice … But, what blogs lack, or lacked until WordPress (in my experience) was categorical ordering. Sentience must constantly review it taxonomies, its logical hierarchies, its set theory: which is the set and which the subsets, monitor their overlaps. Is theology a branch of cosmology? or is cosmology a branch of theology? And when does God let us compare our maps with his?!
If he doesn’t, then maybe theology is the subset; not the set. Whether or not our cosmology is correct, the theology part of it is a pathology.
(Come on God: correct me! right here! right now!) (Fink!)

Anyway, I strung posts at IonaArc: here, thanks to WordPress’ Page capacity and its category trees, its ability to link from pages to posts, and to display pages as a web, a net, a hierarchy: right at the top of every page and post of the blog, that gives an author the kind of encyclopedic power I exercised at and in a place the fed hasn’t yet perverted.

2011 07 21 I used IonaArc as a blog. I threw up bits as they occurred to me, some only a line or two. Now it’s ironic that I spend more effort making a temporary link in a menu than I spent making the post in the first place. Can’t be helped. I’ll list the posts, then move the posts, evenutually all such tidbits should get absorbed into mature modules, expression maximized, redundancy minimized.

2011 07 21 Building the menu for IonaArc posts while the posts remain at IonaArc I see some exceptions: a post that had started at IonaArc but that I’d then copied to K., editing, developing the K. version. In such cases I’ll import the post here, put it in a menu, then delete the post there.

2011 07 23 Going through the posts at IonaArc I’m noticing broken graphics. The fed destroyed my domains, but not my blog texts: but they did destroy the hosting for my graphics, where I’d hosted them myself: at

I’m making progress here, I’ll continue. But thus far I’m just listing titles chronologically. At any point I can alphabetize them (by some “key” word). More important will be to get them to one (or more) right pKnatz blog Page menu. Any post may relate to a series of pk categories. Ideally, they’d be linked from all, fully cross-referenced. Minimally they should be in a least one category menu. But it will make sense to do that last, when I move the posts themselves (or decide to leave them in IonaArc) (and be a guest link here).

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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