Vain Sabotage

Even with crucifixions Caesar can’t prevent God (nature, truth …) from delivering messages (of grace, of sentience, of survival). What Caesar (and his troops) does do is interfere with the messages.

For example, they come too late!

On Judgment Day Satan is going to rupture himself laughing,
as God inundates the damned with reminders of unheeded warnings.

(And sometimes it’s Caesar as well as the citizen who pays!)
(The bureaucracy warned the Tsar about the assassination after the assassination attempt!)

What smoker on his way to a death bed, stricken by emphysema, by cancer, can’t recall warnings about cigarettes heard long before any Surgeon General coerced companies to print (unintelligible, unreadable) warnings on packages? What pregnant teenager wasn’t warned about the ways of college men, and how they come and go? What WWI farm boy wasn’t warned about street walkers before he contracted syphilis in Paris? What passel of citizens on their way to the poor house, or the work gang, can’t recall something about watch out for the bullies?

On Judgment Day Satan is going to rupture himself laughing, as God inundates the damned with reminders of unheeded warnings.

I’m seventy-two. My verbal skills have been lauded since childhood. Writing has been a central activity of mine for sixty-two years. My writing has been offered for publication for sixty-two years, by a host of experts, not just by me. I’ve been repeating for fifty years, since it became true, that I have messages from God. So home come I know of no one — not my son, not my wife, not my professors, not my students, not my assistants, not my best girl friend — who can tell you clearly and simply what the message is?
I’ll point you to any of the several thousand places where I’ve written it. You still won’t know!

It isn’t just that the messages got interfered with … the US (the FBI, the court) censored everything of mine at online domains. (Need I say more?) But you‘ve been interfered with! (One of the interferences is called school!)
I tried to protect you from school: and you don’t even know that!

The kleptocracy trains its scientists to look in the library after the library has been sanitized! (It’s like how an alligator swallows a catfish: break all the spines, break all the bones, then just keep swallowing.)

Social Survival

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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