Duplicate Judgment

I’ve been thinking about Judgment for a long time. I’m seventy-two, I’ve been obsessed with this and that idea about God since early childhood. But it wasn’t until a moment ago that I had this thought: maybe judgment is like duplicate bridge: first everyone plays the same hand: then the scoring is announced!
Up until the official score is announced, the playing field is level, everyone’s equal, all are innocent until proved … Then Judgment takes place, the score is announced. Suddenly the field is vertical: most are in hell, some few in heaven (we predict).

John Sutter asked Americans to join him in finding a route through the Rockies to California. He found it himself. John Sutter then invited Americans to join him in developing the Sacramento Valley. Again we didn’t, he found labor partners in Hawaii. John Sutter developed his New Helvetia, had sovereignty treaties with Russia, with Mexico, with the US … Sutter had agriculture, cattle, a hierarchical bureaucracy, and was developing a lumber business, yes, at Sutter’s Mill, when gold nuggets were found in plenty in the creek. Sutter tried to keep that news under his hat. It was his land, his creek, his valley, his mill … It was his men who found the gold. It was his gold whether it was still in the creek or in his pocket or in the men’s pan. Sutter would keep the news under his hat at least till his new lumber business was mature, routine. But word got out. Sutter’s private army of near two hundred men were helpless to deflect the masses of arrivals with gold fever.

The Americans who didn’t help him find his land route or develop the valley now used his land route and his valley and his crops and his cattle to steal his gold. The US conveniently forgot its treaty. When a San Francisco court found that California owed Sutter $300 million in property loss and damages the Americans burned the court house to the ground.

Now: Sutter wasn’t hurt any more than any Lakota, any Cheyenne, any Iroquois … any slave … but: Sutter was what we called “white”! Sutter, broken and old, spent his last years petitioning Congress for a pension. He died destitute.

Now: why didn’t God step in the moment it was clear that Sutter was right and Americans were dishonorable murdering thieves? The damned had damned themselves, again, all over again: why still let the victims suffer? Once God had let the Romans rape the Sabines, once God had let the Temple murder Jesus, why didn’t he step in?

I see him letting the evil happen; but why let the evil continue?

I don’t know, I’ve never known. I bet you don’t know. But: I just thought of a candidate scenario:

God’s cosmos is a set of alternate universes where the same “hand” is dealt myriad worlds.

In duplicate bridge a hall is set up where N bridge tables of two partner-teams each are dealt the same hand. There are trillions of possible combinations of 52 playing cards, 4 suites, thirteen cards each suit. One random deal is dictated. Now the hall full of tables play that hand and the scoring is compared.

In bridge, if the woman, South, makes a bidding mistake, her husband, North, can scream at her: but the manager of the hall shouldn’t interfere: let these ass holes come in last, let the N duplications play out the hands: it’s the comparative score that counts!

So: I sacrificed myself to evolution, to Christ, to life, offering cybernetic record keeping and social networking to the public in 1970. Americans made their choice: not to help, but rather to keep paying Washington to keep dropping napalm on little girls in Asia. Fine. Now the damned are clear, it’s clear who’s God’s servant. Why doesn’t God step in? damn the damned? reward the martyr. If there’s only one universe, maybe God is making sure that everyone who’s to damn himself gets an infinity of leisure to do so. But it’s wasteful, isn’t it? Disgusting? Inefficient?

A landlord who hears meaningless promises of rent payments is supposed to be able to afford to wait for the deadbeats, or hire a lawyer, or some thugs, to get rid of the deadbeats. But what if the deadbeats are rolling in wealth, and the landlord, having sacrificed everything, is starving? and his family is starving with him?!

It doesn’t matter if an infinity of potential damnneds need an infinity of chances to infinitely damn themselves. And it doesn’t matter all the more if a zillion universes need a zillion infinities in which to see how their damnation compares to all of the other teams. That’s why the Kingdom of God can’t arrive in Peter’s lifetime, or Abelard’s, or Oral Roberts’. New teams are still being seated. New tables still haven’t yet seen the deal.

PS. One way the damned organized themselves to assure their damnation is that they make the establishment of facts impossible by controlling information: by controlling media, schools … What happened to Sutter’s treaty with the US? Was it burned in the courthouse arson? Did the judges decide to forget the document as they forgot their verdict?

It can’t be proved today that Sutter had any claim whatsoever to his land: though we all still talk about “Sutter’s Mill.”

When I announced that I had proof that I had been defrauded by NYU in addition to being defrauded by the US, NYU called the FBI, had me arrested. The FBI came and made free with the contents of my house! They could have burned all the evidence, they could have altered all the documents! But they didn’t! I still have them! But it doesn’t matter: not among a society of kleptocrats refusing to allow unflattering truths.

I tried to serve life. I trusted God. I still do, but it looks like I’m going to have to wait as long as the Sabines, and Sutter.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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