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Any idea about God, when pursued to its extreme, becomes insanity.

Stephen Mitchell

The portal of God is non-existence.

Chuang Tse

We can’t map god; we can only myth God.

Mostly pk, I skip the blue font:

god’s business is god’s business, incommunicable by or to man. The Church is just a con.

No matter what disgusting and immoral things we want to do, we can always backdate God’s approval.

Refresh Rate: The suitability of a god, in a religion, is reviewed only by the death of the religion.

There damn well better be a heaven: and a hell too.
Or I’m going to find the god responsible and punch his lights out.

I don’t want any Devil snatching the damned into hell any more than I want God to force the damned into hell. No, I want the Truth to persuade the damned that they forced all of us into hell a long time ago.

If God made man in His image then maybe God isn’t any too bright either.

Were the day to arrive that a church could introduce its god to all, could demonstrate that sHe really does create, control, infuse, or own the universe, could pass muster before the Amazing Randi and the investigators of The Skeptical Inquirer, why then the-state-that-knew-best would want to merge with the-church-of-the-true-god. Wouldn’t it? shouldn’t the family too merge right in? Wouldn’t we then be one family? Or no family: no family needed? Wouldn’t god or his true priests then be the best ones to train the young? Hell, what would we need young for? We’d already be in heaven. Life would have found its goal. DeChardin’s omega point being reached, striving should cease.

Jesus may lose any appearance in a Jewish (tolerated-by-Rome) court. Rome (and the half-puppet Jews) may lose every appearance in Jesus’ court. But I suspect that winning and losing count for little in god’s court.
Uh, god doesn’t hold court.

Churches use God to lead everyone by the nose: sometimes successfully. pk’s god tries to lead by imagining the Gestalt of things: and fails.

It doesn’t matter what God says, we can out-vote him!

Is God a one-size-fits-all concept?

godx has no greater enemy than gody

God’s messages are constant; but the damned won’t hear them.

You look for God, you get the Church.

Modern Faith: No matter how we fuck up there still time to correct course. The path to the straight and narrow is broad, sloppy, tolerant of both stupidity and dishonesty. Don’t worry about God, we’ve got him by the balls.

If God can back what he says with evidence, with reason, then he shouldn’t need “authority.”

God: a synonym for magic? or for order?
for truth?
or does God have no synonyms?

It’s a wise god that doesn’t interfere in human affairs.

We had free will, once. We got rid of it as fast as we could.

Christians don’t discuss theology;
they impose doctrine.

The more kleptocratic the culture,
the more omnipotent the God will be.

On Judgment Day Satan is going to rupture himself laughing,
as God inundates the damned with reminders of unheeded warnings.

Our ideas about God can never be God.

All talk of god is blasphemy. The Bible is blasphemy. god is not something that can be talked.

The atheist has all of the rationalizations of the theist: just without the Santa Claus at the end.

God doesn’t send advice to save us, but to give us no excuse at damnation!

We crucify a living god, then (mis)quote a dead god.

Christianity is a piñata party: Crucify him, lynch him. Tar, feathers! Nail him up, tie him up, hang him. Hit him!

From The Spoon River Anthology, Edgar Lee Masters. I quote the whole epitaph (of Wendell P. Bloyd):
They first charged me with disorderly conduct,
There being no statute on blasphemy.
Later they locked me up as insane
Where I was beaten to death by a Catholic guard.
My offense was this:
I said God lied to Adam, and destined him
To lead the life of a fool,
Ignorant that there is evil in the world as well as good.
And when Adam outwitted God by eating the apple
And saw through the lie,
God drove him out of Eden to keep him from taking the fruit of immortal life.
For Christ’s sake, you sensible people,
Here’s what God Himself says about it in the book of Genesis:
“And the Lord God said, behold the man
Is become as one of us” (a little envy, you see),
“To know good and evil” (The all-is-good lie exposed):
“And now lest he put forth his hand and take
Also of the tree of life and eat, and live forever:
Therefore the Lord God sent Him forth from the garden of Eden.”

(The reason I believe God crucified His Own Son
To get out of the wretched tangle is, because it
Sounds just like Him!

Some of the quotes here could go into other quote posts: theology quotes, heaven and hell quotes … I should divided just because the file is too big to keep track of: I could lose half and not notice. I’ll divy the music and art and lit quotes too.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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