Spectrum of Damnation

Mary Magdalene, Fair Weather Christians: Double Damned

Never mind what you really believe, play the game, take common symbols (and allow uncommon use of them), and take the basic stories of Christianity seriously for a moment: imagine that the universe is at least potentially sentient (God, man …), imagine that there’s such a thing as truth, that facts are facts no matter what we say, imagine that there are causes and effects … Imagine that the cholera can kill the people whether the tribe’s shaman has ever heard of microbes or not. …

Which is worse: to accuse Jesus, as Caiaphas did? to Judge Jesus, as Pilate did? To stick the spear in Jesus side, as some soldier is supposed to have done? (Remember, that spear thrust was supposed to be putting Jesus out of his agony! Remember further: crucifixion was supposed to be execution by torture: the Persians found its torments to last three days of so. But Jesus was getting crucified with the Sabbath fast approaching: the Jews didn’t was their murder of God to leak into their Sabbath for God: so, Jesus was killed before sunset began the holy time. !) (What outside of Christian story telling is so corrupt, so hypocritical, so utterly godless or abandoned?

I’m comparing a bunch of bad things, all theoretically bad, we can’t establish one iota of the story as fact. Sure there were crucifixions, sure there were Sabbaths, certainly there was a Rome, and a Temple …

Which is worse: to stab Jesus with a spear or to deny him after you’ve been given special recognition as a follower of his? like Peter.
Which is worse: to stab Jesus with a spear or to fail to tell the disciples that he was risen? like Mary M.?

Which is worse: to take communion, to tell the society that you’re a Christian, to proclaim before a congregation that Jesus loves you, that God has forgiven you … but as an adult stand with your thumb in your ass while Jesus’ disciples still get arrested, railroaded, jailed, tortured …?

Chaish, pk, that is so full of shit: there are no still tortured disciples of Jesus.
(All we have to do is confuse facts, confuse what we recognize with what God recognizes (with Truth.)
So long as Caesar rules, Caesar will never be guilty of any thing factual.

Which is worse: to listen to twaddle about free speech, then accept a paid position in the society, but when you see the pattern of Rome all over again, and Jerusalem all over again, and Jesus and Pilate and Caiaphas all over again, and to remain silent: while all the newspapers or the networks talk about is the beer and the hooters at Hooters, and the election … as the jails are stuffed to the seams with the silenced.

It ain’t just n-s in jail, you know. [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosido in fashion.] Or, if you are in jail, then you’re a n-. Gandhi, the n-. Paolo Freire, the n-. Jesus’ brethren!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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