Circle of Faith

The phrase “circle of faith” has occurred in several pk modules, posts: in one of faith, for example. I’ll expand here:

Religion is a circle of faith. Members rehearse, agree, on the group’s certainties, God’s correct name is Jehovah, the Church will save us … The group gangs up on anyone not rehearsing the right answer. Thus, Jesus, Galileo, Darwin will always be shouted down.

Circle of Faith
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Religion will win over science, or, sciece will near-instantly become religion, the second the bureaucrat can supervise the messiah.

Experience gets painted over with faith.

Christians agreeing that God’s name was Jehovah, not Allah, not Baal, never irritated me the way the group of anarchists did who’d invited this founder of the Free Learning Exchange to their meetings, 1970. Mixed with their anarchism was a giant spoon-worth of Marxism. One fool keep repeating that there was a “correct” interpretation of history. Cheez! (I loved that group anyway.)

Some of their liberalisms were aggressive: homosexuality, for example. And I think they were all on weed. (And speed.) What did they make of me in their midst?
I’ve got to tell these stories further, as stories, in my personal area.

2013 11 06 These days the blind faith that most annoys me is that of the “American” buying into the myth that Americans are the exception to the rule: the rule that men are evil, stupid, unfair … Nothing can be intelligently discussed, no facts can be established, if enough faithful can veto rational examination.

I was interrupted as a child, I was interrupted by my professors in grad school, to this day they don’t know what I would have said! (They just knew from a glance at me that it was unorthodox, shouldn’t be given a hearing: don’t allow it to define itself.) But these days it’s worse. Now that my lifetime’s writing has been federally censored (as well as never published by the establishment), my exception-to-the-rule “American” neighbors don’t let me get half-way through a single sentence.

The people, believe that their ignorance is what got them here, that therefore their ignorance, properly defended, will make them immortal. T’ain’t so, McGhee.

PS The above-mentioned group of anarchists were conintually remanifesting themselves under a string of names (some of which I loved and adored and was jealous of): Free U! (the Free University, crossed with a political pun); People’s Yellow Pages; People’s Switchboard … They met just off Sheridan Square, 4th Street, just off Seventh Avenue: in a church: Protestant, I forget which flavor. Methodist? The Quakers also supported my friends, gave them a printing press (and loft to house it), paid the rent the electricity, donated paper … (which I used, copiously).

I’m jarring my memory but the only name I can come up with from that group is “Mercury.” Of course that wasn’t her “real” name: none of them went by names on birth certificates, they were all re-named, self-baptized, from mythology. I still love them, even though they turned on me. And the public is a scoundrel for not sending me the money for my family to live, for me to pay the Free U people for the Quakers’ paper, and to pay IBM to help me grow my internet. (But the public is nothing the scoundrel IBM itself was for not giving me all the seed money I’d asked them for: and more: given the world whatever was adequate! (Their guy initially said that $20,000,000 a year might work: for NYC alone1) (The public didn’t give $20 a year!)

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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