Our Bodies, Our Selves

In 1970 my Free Learning Exchange, Inc., in NYC, invited the public to support my efforts to build a cybernetic library of community resources while socially networking that public. I wanted an internet that could replace the government, not another tool controled by the government. I want government mandated schooling replaced by a free marketplace. All peoples, all interests, all persons, could have been freed: if the work had been supported, if the work had been understood, if the work hadn’t been copted, plagiarized by the klepbots.

It drove me crazy in 1971, 1972 to see women’s liberationists (like my wife, like her boss) marching about in boots and writing books with titles like Our Bodies, Our Selves. I was offering liberation to everyone; they were only offering it to women: and then, they were only talking about fractions of liberty, fragments.

Nevertheless, I have an additional quarrel with that title. Women notice that in this society their bodies aren’t their own. They thought their bodies should be their own. Never mind whether I agree or not; notice, did they think that men, males, owned their bodies?

When the draft board drafted me, against my will, ignoring my protests about being a conscientious objector, threatening me with jail if I didn’t yield, did the women who resented being forbidden abortion think that I owned my body?

When the IRS taxed me, did the women think I owned my money?

Cut to the present. People are fretting about a US default. The US taxed us. The US threatened us. Now why does the US have to pay anybody back? Why are the bankers owed money and not the taxed?
(Is the deforested forest owed money?)

The USSR evaporated a few years back, and good riddance. Why doesn’t the US just evaporate too. Why should the ordinary person care whether the banker owns the world tomorrow that he owned yesterday?

The Pacific coast, The Keyes, Yellowstone, the NE autumn … will still be here. The maple trees don’t need Washington DC any more than they needed Moscow.

Goodbye, goodbye. Good riddance.

See also Downton Property



About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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