German Prototype, More Reflections

Brigitte Helm, Metropolis, Rise Up

Brigitte Helm, the actress who modeled the robot in Metropolis, also tried to use machinery to free the workers.

This series of posts, a series so any one post wouldn’t get sunk by too many pix, skips around among subjects, among movies. If I started adding Murnau pix I’d never stop.

Murnau, Nosferatu

It’s funny to watch old movies where changes of fashion make the actresses look like freaks, like fools. Les Enfants du Paradis was the first movie to make me stop dead in my tracks and notice, in 1960, how ridiculous the 1940s looked: for women especially.

Les Enfants du Paradis

Hmm: this one doesn’t illustrate my point particulalry, but it sure does illustrate Les Enfants du Paradis!

On the other hand, if you sit still and go along with it, wow, can you fall in love: with a beauty like Lillian Gish, who transcends fashion while being anchored by it. At a Griffith festival my friend Phil and I yucked it up every time Lillian got in another fix, but we were helplessly in love with her by the time a couple of reels had passed. I still am. And we were a leg up in appreciating May Marsh when Intolerance came due at the festival.

Lillian Gish

Anyhow, in Spies we have German actors playing the attractive everyman-everywoman (Willy Fritsch / Gerda Maurus.) Gerda Maurus, a toast for 1927, looks the sillier of the pair, playing by type according to my formula, but I tell you, I was pretty well smitten with Gerda Maurus by the time the climax approached. (Again it’s supposed to be Soviet Commies in England, but with deals with Japs afoot, and war impending, but the heroes are German / Germanic. But I think even one of the Japs is played by a German.)

Willy Fritsch, Gerda Maurus

Willy Fritsch, Gerda Maurus

There’s a scene where she’s strapped in a chair. The bad guy is fighting the hero: and she’s trying to use her bound feet to trap the gun the bad guy is reaching for. She does some silent acting when her bound self is about to be crushed in debris. Do a Google image search: poster of her in the chair is easily available. And indeed, Spies is great is more than one scene for industrial wreckage: collapsed buildings, train wrecks … All sabotage!

German Prototype, More Reflections Still

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Oh, well, any assumptions I made about what God intended to do for me when I promised him I’d do this and that for him, were entirely of my making: he didn’t promise me anything: just told me to do what’s cost me everything!

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