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Lunar Audience

Sunday morning I was at the Mac shortly after dawn, checked email first: and there were fifty-six So&So liked your post notifications. The program groups email chronologically: the first of them was from 4 AMish. They came in threes: three … Continue reading

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Federal Fine

I want to share the letter I just wrote to the US Courts, Southern District of FL, Miami: It’s a year now since the judge forgave my fed fine, but I’m still getting bills. Federal bull in the china shop … Continue reading

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Henotheism is a term which denotes worship of one god at a time but not a single god. We know polytheism. We know monotheism. We know monogamy, and polygamy. So how about henogamy? That’s me: I love one woman: at … Continue reading

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Help! Police!

/ Social Order / HierCon / Cop Stories / @ K. 1998 05 A life time of police It would surprise no independent observer if the motto, In God we trust, were one day expunged from the coins of the … Continue reading

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K. Progress, censored in 2006, is now supposed to point here: but the domain expired, was renewed, but the link still isn’t operating. Patience. Meantime pKnatz blog is the same thing. 2016 03 30 I’ve been working at resurrecting the pk … Continue reading

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Masks and Deceptions

Mission: to make us face our true nature When I fish, I do so in a manner intended to camouflage my presence from my intended prey. The lure I use is intended to deceive. Even the live bait I’ll occasionally … Continue reading

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I must tell about the most beautiful watermark I’ve ever seen: by Dard Hunter, paper maker and paper making historian extraordinaire. Industrial world or not, living creatures are unique; but Dard Hunter is uniquely unique. When Gutenberg invented the printing … Continue reading

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Genre Justice

I am a movie gourmet: and a movie gourmand. Once, in NYC, I frequented the repertoire theaters where if you missed the classic this week you’d have another chance next year. They typically showed double bills, so you’d see the … Continue reading

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Limited Audience

Movies for Dummies Homer had an audience among his fellows, Homer still has an audience today, even among non-Greeks. (Of course partly that’s because he’s assigned — by authorities: not exactly fair.) Shakespeare had an audience: still has one: ditto. … Continue reading

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Thinking Tools Categories

I wrote my Thinking Tools a module at a time. Once I wrote a piece on Edges and Centers and Borders I found myself writing other related pieces. Naturally I began putting them into a single folder. Roughly half of … Continue reading

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