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@ K. 2005 01 31

Today, Richard Wall comes crashing through the ice. I mount his response to my Edges and Borders before I’ve even read it carefully, let alone digested it. You don’t need more than a glance to see that it’s a money comment: deep.

Date: Sun Jan 30, 2005 8:03:35 PM US/Eastern
Subject: RE: borders

“This module was Knatz.com’s first jotting on this subject. Like many of my
files, it’s grown over the years, still without being “complete” or “finished.”

See how it runs! It has no limit.

We live at the edge between chaos and order.


Not only.

One dimension is running along the edge (on a knife-edge, walking the tightrope, etc).
A second dimension is running towards the edge and overflowing it (the tidal
wave, the excess, ‘over the top’).
A third dimension is the moving centre: core-periphery ‘oscillation’ or
**keeping away** from the edge lest we fall over into the unknown, the cold,
the dark ‘out there’. The ever-moving middle is the womb of safety. Or, not
sticking your neck out.
A fourth dimension is top to bottom vs. across. We move (walk, run, fly)
from one end to the other. This is across, flat, ‘endless’ (go West, young
man). But we fall into the depths. Down down down is top to bottom. Heaven
is ‘up there,’ hell is ‘down there’. It seems to me we rarely climb up. If
we did we would no longer be ‘down to earth’, which we are told is good and
true. Up there, on the other hand, is a flight of fancy.

These dimensions are what we use to make the building blocks, the drawings
of atoms, of molecules, of crosses, the six-sided figures, the eight-sided
figures, the magic numbers we worship, such as: the trinity, seven, or the

There is something more to be understood here but I haven’t got it yet.
It’s getting late. I’ll keep at it!

Uh oh: I put Richard’s citation of my module’s “We live at the edge between chaos and order” in pk blue, but that statement is pk citing others: Murray Gell-Mann who was himself citing I think Chris Langton.

See aLso: Centers: Falsifying Models of Reality [Link to be provided]

Edge between Chaos and Order

That’s a pk quote but it could well duplicate others’. That thinking, though kin to my own, has been coming out of Complexity Theory. I’ll mention the particular thinker whose work hits that target in the bullseye when I think of his name: Chris Langdon: something like that. Complexity mentions him if Chaos doesn’t.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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