In a monist cosmos, whatever may seem to be true in any particular universe, can top and bottom, god and satan, etc. ever really be totally out of touch, contact, influence?

Who rules? god in his heaven? Jesus on the cross? or the centurion with the spear at the foot of the cross? Or is there no ruler? If there’s no ruler, can there yet be rules?
Over in Rome can Caesar rule without the centurion at the foot of the cross?

Mark Twain imagined King Arthur leaving the castle in disguise. When he tried to pay for food with gold he was immediately arrested, thrown in a dungeon.
A few decades ago the UN had a new head. He was to address an assembly at some fancy hotel: as soon as he finished his trek about the Alps (along which he was staying at youth hostels). The fancy hotel was dressed and ready to receive the new king; but when the man actually arrived, still wearing his lederhosen for hiking, the hotel wouldn’t let him in the door.
When the Soviets Bolshoi Ballet first appeared at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Tchaikowski’s Swan Lake could not be heard by the ticket buyers, and barely by the dancers, because the union employees were braying, blowing raspberries, calling vulgar inanities across the totally non-musical acoustics.

How can god be god when any cop can hamstring him as he passes the alley?

I say, science believes, that there certainly are rules that no cop, no rabbi, no hanging judge can interfere with. The problem of science is to find out what those rules are.
Is that possible in a culture in which non-standard ideas cannot be introduced?

The legislature says that new ideas CAN be introduced. Now: try falsifying the claim.
Having trouble? Just ask pk.

PS. I just said, “The problem of science is to find out what those rules are.” Notice: if the rules are rules, then they are rules whether or not science can formulate them. The rules are the rules before the bacterium is born, before Newton has a singe idea. The rules are the rules no matter what god or satan might say. (And of course unless god is at one with the rules, then “he” isn’t god.)

What I first scribbled goes:

can the top do anything without the help of the bottom? Where would the bottom be without the top?

the guards arrest King Arthur and throw him in prison the moment he’s not wearing his royal robes. The hotel holding the UN Chief’s reservations wouldn’t let him in when he showed up in lederhosen.

The centurions gambling for Jesus’ robe get the practical word in as to who’s God.

When I then actually wrote is above. Later on I’ll review, possibly merging, expanding … (contracting …)

2006 05 07 Meantime, here’s a different angle on extremities, one more appropriate to my Society (& its pathologies) section:

No system can learn without feedback, without monitoring. The problem with top down hierarchical systems is their tendency to seek and be satisfied with, feedback from their one end. Pilat asks the centurion to take care of Jesus. A few days later Pilat asks the centurion, “Did you take care of him?” “Yes, I took care of him,” says the centurion. Pilat doesn’t ask Mary. Or Peter. Or Jesus.

The judge asks the lawyer, “Did you take care of your client?” “Oh, yes: I took care of her.”

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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