Family Spine

Adam shares the carcass he finds with Eve. Able and Cain get born, grow up. Humans forming a family have an advantage over pre-humans in a free for all. But Cain kills Abel, so it isn’t all roses, and hadn’t been all roses with Adam and Eve either.

But: forming a family gives an advantage, whatever disadvantages it also brings. Notice: Adam shared his carcass with Eve because he wanted to. There was no church, no priest, no government making him do it. Adam didn’t have to go to school, Adam wasn’t drafted into the army, the state didn’t tell him that paying taxes and being treated like a slave, having his front yard cut off to make a road, made him free.

Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel, have spines. The worm may get crushed, Adam may survive. On the other hand Adam may not escape some devilment that the worm slithers away from: there’s no one prescription that solves all issues. Still, we’re more lucky than not lucky to have spines, more lucky than not lucky to get born into a family. (The word is still out on whether we’re more lucky or unlucky to be born under a nation …)

Meantime, we’re not without priests, there are schools and churches and draft boards telling us all sorts of things we must do.

My father’s playboy egotism told him he had to get as drunk as a skunk and fuck every female in sight. I’m my father’s son more than I’m not his son, I have the same tendencies. My father married my mother and my mother took everything with a smile, until one day she didn’t, enough was enough, she trashed the son of a bitch. My wife trashed me too, but not just because I was drunk and fucking everything in sight; I was a messenger of Christ, offered cybernetic networking, social networking, a cybernetic library, a free cybernetic market place to replace all of our mislabeled, mislabeling institutions: school, government, news

Anyhow, families can save, just as families can kill. On balance maybe they do a little more saving than killing. So, families endure: especialy when their backbone is formed by slaves: mothers, sisters … and soldiers, cannon fodder … throw-away females, throw-away males.

I recently re-watched two great movies on disfunctional families. The Ice Storm and What’s Eatin Gilbert Grape.

Ice Storm

Kid about to get zapped

I could praise both movies to the skies for a series of reasons: cast, cinematography … I could praise both movies for having been so dead on target with the casting of young talents: Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis … Toby MacGuire, Christina Ricci, Katy Holmes, Elijah Wood …

But then none of those actors were really unknown at the time of the casting of either film, were they? Extraordinary just the same to see them there and to have seen them since. Wow, like picking the Babe for the Yankees while he was still in the orphanage.

I’ll add more on the all-important subject of family as I find time, scrapbook style.

I’d just made a couple of instulting comments on the movie After Life. The guy buys the girl an engagement ring, she just interrupts and insults him, going off in a tiff, kills herself in traffic. Good, save the poor boyfriend from a future with her: except he goes off and has a fatal accident himself. Good riddance to all those people.

Well, Gilbert Grape, has a disfunctional family. Dad committed suicide, moma became as fat as a whale, hasn’t left the house in over a decade. there are two brothers, two sisters, contrasting pairs. Older brother is responsible. does chores, has an income, and takes care of feeb-brain little brother. Older sister bakes and cleans while bratty younger sister gives people the finger.

If Gilert had any sense, he’d walk. Or he’d hang himself, like dad.

Now let’s say that the only way the Nazis can get away with being Nazis is if the Jews give them their pianos, their gold teeth, go uncomplaining to the death camps. Wouldn’t it be better if the Jews did not go uncomplaining? Wouldn’t if be better if the Jews failed to allow the Nazis to be the Nazis.

If Gilbert had walked long before feeb brother approachd 18, might fat moma have gotten up off the couch the sooner?

Impossible to tell. One thing is sure: without Gilbert being too reliable to run, there’s no family.

And it’s wonderful. Because he’s male. Sort of. Johnny Depp, he’s actualy supposed to be male, no? How come the neighbors didn’t all throw insulting quarters at Gilbert Grape. Get a hair cut!

Gilbert Grape

Male like a freaking girl!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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