Key Ring vs Chain

Pre-humans mated like any other ape (of our branch of apes): the female went into heat, all the males had at her. No, no. Eve concealed her fertility, she attracted Adam not just seasonally, but 24/7.
Eve’s sisters were apes, having mating orgies, like chimps; Eve was the first human: private, withdrawn, dignified. And all humans have linked from her ever since: long chains, many chains, going in many directions … First, her daughters would have linked directly to her, like keys on a janitor’s ring, but then each such key would have linked long chains to the future.

Jesus is said to have had disciples. Did he beget long chains of teaching and learning? Or did he tell one disciple, and then another disciple, until he had a dozen disciples all hooked to him, like a janitor’s keys? Did the links then extend to anyone else?
Did the chains ever get longer than a few links?
We say so: but is what we say reliable? Does the truth second our testimony?

Does anyone see my (perpetual) point that at some point who Jesus loves should be up to Jesus? not up to some screaming Christians.
If our lawyers run Judgment, then we’re in great shape. But what if God runs it? What if God runs it without interruption from the defendant? the lawyer? the pope? What if evidence is actually presented? without being forbidden by some lower tier judge? (The court instructs the jury not to notice these angelpix of of us cutting down the forests, poisoning the rivers.) (At Judgment there won’t be any jury!)

Every Christian may have a key to heaven, but will their key actually open the lock once they arrive at heaven’s gate? (They may arrive with a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge too.)
How will it matter if a zillion Christians are screaming how much Jesus loves them, if, inside, Jesus is ignoring them?

Do I even have a janitor’s-ring of hearers who understand that point? any point? Or am I Gulliver, telling the Lilliputians (then telling the Londoners), without any Lilliputian (or Londoner), understanding (or caring about) a thing?

Sentience & Semiotics

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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