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The Bible: scrapbook to start, too complex

2013 09 11 gotta cite a particular point from Kenneth C. Davis, Bible (about the)
(Don’t Know Much About series)

There is no one Bible. There are many Bibles.

Confusion on this point is kin to believing that because there is a word, “unicorn,” there must be a beast: the unicorn. People talk about a Bible, so there must be a Bible.
Well, there is: this Bible, and that Bible …

In court, in the papers, there was lots of testimony, lots of stories told: are they all true? are there necessarily any that are true?

I guarantee one thing: they are all significant!

2011 Bible scholars know that the documents that comprise “the Bible” are polluted by human handling. How come the congregations don’t also know that? Is everyone stupid? or dishonest? No, no: we are stupid and dishonest!

The Jews taught their congregation how to read: a suppository of cultural brainwashing. But then states coerce school attendance: misreading, document-hubris, becomes universally compulsory. (Then we hold elections! to fix things!)

1012 08 22 I’ve long intended to develop a menu of links to K. and pK references to the Bible, galore. Still gotta, but today I add another couple of thoughts: Judgment Bible.
Below are my original scratchings of a year ago.

The movie Agora shows Cyrus, a bishop in fourth-century Alexandria, holding up a book, nicely bound, nicely decorated, calling it “the word of God.” “Amen” calls the congregation. But what Cyril has just read is 1 Timonthy, purporting to be an epistle by Paul to Timothy. 1 Timonthy specifies that women are to be modest, not to wear fine clothes. Cyril is dressed gorgeously as he says this. 1 Timonthy specifies that no woman must ever have authority over any man. The political context audiences know is that the Prefect of Alexandria, Orestes, is a student of the philosopher Hypatia, and Hypatia is not only a woman, Hypatia is not only a Christian, but a free thinker, a philsopher, a mathematician, a scientist … Not under Cyril’s authority. Maybe worst: she’s intelligent! Very. And honest: intellectually honest.

Earlier epistles by Paul conceded that women had achieved freedom and respect in the early churches. This epistle, now understood to be not by Paul but a later forgery, a political artificat sabotaging Paul’s epistles, sabotaging Christianity, reverting women to their time immemorial sad condition of subjugation.

The church was pretending to fllow Christ; actually it was doingwhatever it wanted, and forging whatever documents suited its purpose of the moment.

I’m talking about a movie, the characters are dealt with flexibly. We know rumors about Hypatia, rumors about Cyril, we have little hard and fast information.

But there’s a consensus among Bible scholars and history scholars et cetera that Christians altered their sources suiting themselves with new “copies.” Cyril may not have known that 1 Timonthy was a forgery. (Or, Cyril could have forged it himself!) The congregation, dignitaries of Babylon, may not have known they were being hoodwinked, or they may have co-scripted it, rehearsed it, before the reading! These are kleptocrats, calling themselves religious! calling themselves blessed by Christ!

What will God call them?

Will Christian be a word that magically guarantees your entrance into heaven no matter what crimes you’ve committed? no matter what crimes you continue to commit? Or will Christian be any easy bag in which God can scoop up whole schools of hypocrites to cast into hell?

Hebrew scholars know that Jews did respectively the same thing with the Old Testament. Anybody who half knows how to read can easily suspect the same thing: for both parties.

One of Hypatia’s old students has been made Prefect of Alexandria, another is the Bishop of Cyrene. The Prefect enlists the Bishop to help him against Cyril. The Bishop agrees: provided that (echoing Shakespeare) the Prefect yield to “what is written”! meaning, the forged 1 Timonthy! Boy, once polluted information corrupts authority, what help is there? None. And Hypatia understands that!

So do I, Baby. So do I.

What’s happening is very simple: human society, in the kleptocratic forms dominating in the Fourth Century, had subjugated women … for longer than we can know for sure: many millennia. Along came a new interpretation of an older religion: Jesus, Christ, Christianity. The gospels told of Jesus women among Jesus honored followers, especially the gospels rejected from the Bible by the church. Kleptocracies in common held vertically hierarchical cosmologies: there was a dictator in charge. The magical dictator always had a human counterpart: king, or pope … bishop, etc. So: here’s this kleptocratic religion: Judaism. Along comes a new, liberal dictator: Jesus, Christ to be. Women get a little bit of a break.
Along comes a really brilliant woman, Hypatia. By golly, maybe she can figure out what kind of a puzzle this dictator has put us in. The movie imagines Hypatia liberalizing the circle of Plato into the ellipse of Kepler 1200 years before Kepler!
Well, the vertical alphas can’t have that. They’re not brilliant, they don’t think, they don’t doubt! And they can’t tolerate citizens who think, or doubt. For Caesar to have a governor with the power to crucify Jesus, against all evidence, a Caesar needs governors and citizens who obey, not humans who think. Not Hypatia!

Let’s imagine that the cosmos does have a boss, a creator. Let’s imagine that this boss permits Sodom to emerge, and to reemerge after destroying it: and Caesar to emerge, and Cyril … Let’s imagine that the boss dictated a Bible to someone: Moses, Jesus, pk … Well, the Caesar and the Cyril … and the Washington and the Lincoln … can simply switch in their own Bible.

What should a Cyril care what ace God has dealt, he has his own ace up his sleeve!

These alpha kleptocrats don’t believe in God! they don’t believe in any Bible. The Bible they believe in is the Bible up their sleeve.

I too rewrite the Bible, I’m doing it here, I’m doing it now. I too offer my Bible, the corrections glaring. It’s so simple: they put me in jail. I offered a Christ inspired internet in 1970, non-hypocritical Christians, if any, could have used it to pry the federal government at least partly off the backs of the klepbots. I got blackballed, my family destroyed, my career pulverized. Later I was arrested, jailed … my 4,000 online writings censored … by the alphas who stole Christ’s internet from Jesus, from his saint, Ivan Illich, and me too.

Kneel to what is written, said the Bishop. That might make sense if we had everything that was written: by God, by Moses, by Paul … and would admit what was forged, false, mis-dealt …
The US court convicting me was no different from Cyril inciting the dignitaries to butcher Hypatia. or Pilat from letting the Temple lead him by the nose.

2015 07 30 Recently watching bits and pieces of two Bible documentaries: The Bible Rules and Bible Secrets revealed. Both disclose some of the things I’ve been discussing around K. The interview experts, credit Jane Blow, PhD. One such clown says, in the context of God and his rules not seeming very likable, All the major religions know what God wants for us: all men are created equall … the pursuit of happiness … He’s quoting not the Bible, he’s quoting Jefferson!!!

Such scribble shows up in Reading Notes, everywhere.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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