pk Quotes 2

pk Quotes 2

People don’t want to know that they don’t know what they don’t know.

These are all pk quotes so I switch from pk blue to plain b&w.

In our culture the media hold the mirror while the murderers correct the cosmetics.

Punishing those we’ve wronged is merely standard human behavior.

My writing is an intelligence test that near all have thus far failed: church, university, media, public …

Truth cannot be established where it conflicts with prestige.

Gulliver cannot explain London to the Lilliputians: at least not while they have him tied up.

However smart you are there are still more ways that you’re dumb.

Judged by our judgments, hell will remain our home.

Existing learning limits new learning.

The crucifixion happens everyday. (But it’s not a permanent condition: we won’t live that long.)

When our enemies cheat, they forfeit all rights; when we cheat, we’re just being sensible.

Even science is due for a spring cleaning.

It’s a fiction that there are such things as facts.

Woody Allen was wrong. Time isn’t so that everything doesn’t happen at once; everything doesn’t happen at once so that the magician can place his assistants intricately enough that once the illusion is orchestrated, no assistant will remember that he’s in a trick, part of the mechanism of illusion.

Humans are a child that plays at being grown up. Some of us delude ourselves that we really are grown up: and that our theology is really about god, our science really about the universe, our philosophy really about the truth … But our worst delusion is that our government is really about freedom.

Our political liabilities relate to our epistemological flaws. They in turn stem from fundamental religious and cosmological errors. I’ve devoted my writing and teaching to correcting them. That I have had more obstruction than help from our basic institutions — state, church, media, universities — doesn’t bode well for our chances of survival.

Telling the truth has little effect if the public mythology and the truth are incompatible.

Science requires honesty. Except for our machines, we don’t qualify.

Thus saith pk to Society: I am not one of you. Society answers (or said first, I can’t be sure), You are not one of us.

We are taught things as static. We experience them as dynamic. We think stationary. We live moving.

How does one know what game one is in? (Meta games, games plural.)
One don’t!

God is dead: Long live god.

Knowledge is local; ignorance universal.

I offered a lifeboat to civilization;
You left me as roadkill.

Only intelligent creatures can be fooled.

The conventionally moral can always gang up on the creatively ethical.

It’s not wrong to be wrong; it’s wrong to remain wrong.
Learning is not possible without error.The soul is a synergy of synergies among synergies: a synergy between the synergy stack of the individual organism and its relation to the aggregates of the aggregates of synergy stacks at large.

There are no (revealed) paths to truth; only paths shown to avoid known errors.

“I mean that literally” really means Please take my metaphor seriously.

Skepticism betrays a faith in intellect.

The drunk’s pink elephants leave no usable fertilizer.

Poverty, renunciation, independence (and the vulnerability that goes with it) form the only proper medium for honesty. (Though be careful of trusting poor hermits with kick marks on their head just on the basis of their living in a cave.)

Paradoxes may not be compatible — but they may be fertile: and breed sustainable oxymora.

In kleptocracy even the churches are built on stolen land.

Ignorance is our only possible condition.

Received wisdom is immune to learning. (Experience doesn’t count wherever authority in enthroned.)

We’re so used to our problems as they are: and we’re addicted to our failed remedies.

Theory is the highest form of knowledge a sentient creature can aspire to.

Those who bought Manhattan Island (for $24 no less! from Indians no less!) may now sell the Brooklyn Bridge: for millions; and billions; and trillions.

Any society will protect itself from evo/devo-lution via a crust of magicians, priests, teachers, experts past whom few new ideas (and especially no incriminating evidence!) can penetrate.

Myth is the only place most of us humans ever live.

Saint Paul was quite right to suspect human reason. We should learn the lesson well: suspecting Paul’s, and our own reasoning too.

We’re mortal. I don’t mind. If we weren’t, how could evolution proliferate, thicken the bush of life?
Species too are mortal. Again I don’t mind. Same reasoning.
What I mind is a self-described as sapient species with its head in the sand.
Unnecessary. Especially when it’s so thinned the bush.

There is something worse than the crucifixion: and that’s wasting the crucifixion.

The bottom line
is just the tip
of the iceberg

Information begets information.
Macroinformation is new information that emerges from the juxtapositions of other information.
The potential of the information is directly proportional to the complexity of the informational geometry.

Reality is way-overrated.

Society is a faith-based entity masquerading (like all magical properties) as an evidence-based system.

Homeostasis is a scientific principle, a natural law: it cannot be legislated against.
(said by pk to a Sebring attorney)

Here in my flashlight beam is everything to be known.
(Humans typically look only where the light is shining best)

Kleptocracy is nature’s (expensive but effective) way of ridding the biosphere of too puissant, too fell, too deluded, too parasitic … a predator: give the drunk the whole bottle and he’ll kill himself the sooner.

In the Middle Ages we believed the Church’s proposition that the proper study of mankind is God.
In the Age of Reason we followed Alexander Pope’s line, “The proper study of mankind is man.”
But with Synergy we know that we cannot know who we are or what our place is in the universe until we know more of our whole behavior and its whole behavior.
To know ourselves, we must study to know god.(And by “god” we can only seriously mean the cosmos, the set of universes, nature or the set of natures … the truth!

We map the truth; we never “have” it.

There’s always one important question in evolution: Will learning take place in time?

The elites serve the common man: serve him truly. Nixon’s silent majority clearly prefers to risk extinction for all of us rather than to face the truth about itself and its relationship to reality: either concrete or abstract.
Church and state (and our addiction to them) are co-conspirators in our kleptocracy

Truth, God, justice, law … are whatever the groups with the most power and the fewest scruples want them to be.

Not “There is no God”; rather: “You’ve got god all wrong.”

I don’t believe there are any political solutions to our problems.

TV: commerce in the guise of entertainment
(Likewise: News: indoctrinating entertainment in the guise of information)

We see light; never things: form maps, have no direct contact with territory … Our reality is symbolic, our symbols fallible.

In theory authority can be identified with truth and the right; in practice, authority is indistinguishable from power

Kleptocracy is the last word in having the last word.

Nature already contains all the laws either life or the physical world (or God) can ever need.

Don’t interfere should be our entire politics

No government, no matter how dictatorial, can do much damage without the public as an active partner-in-crime.

“You can’t put your toe into the same river twice.” Nor can you put your mind into the same meaning twice: it all flows.

Whether or not the character in a story is factual is trivial compared to whether the character’s function is
. A story doesn’t have to be true to be truthful.

The school’s advertised purpose is to educate. Schools are inefficient and incompetent as well as inappropriate for education. The school’s actual purpose is to domesticate. There the schools shine. A kleptocracy that wants trained sheep for citizens really gets its money’s worth from a school..

Kleptocratic society is set up so that those who commit the greatest crimes sit in judgment on those who didn’t.

Is there any difference between a protection racket and a government?.

Satan promised Eve things he didn’t have to give or sell.
Now governments promise us the same things.

God’s messages come from the stable, not the cathedral.

The truth is the truth: independent both of the genius and the majority
(It is our maps of the truth which are both genius- and majority-dependent.)

Contradiction is what powers the stars.

Knowledge: belief in accord with both the best available facts and the best available theories.

The responsible parent trains its young to be independent;the pathological state trains the young it’s kidnapped to stay dependent.

Good or ill isn’t in what you call it, but in the behavior itself.

If success isn’t an option, it’s still best to try anyway.

We’re in deep shit. So maybe the gods aren’t quite as stupid as the people think.

Speaking of us, Nature said, “Give the grab-ass drunk the whole bottle: he’ll kill himself the sooner.”.

Authoritarianism/anarchism: the cybernetic stagger along the double precipice.

Male / Female:
The war gives us life, the war keeps us alive, the war will maintain us forever:
so long as the war is never won.

Religion, like almost anything humans engage in, is a numbers game. Humans gather in huge numbers behind some story that makes them feel like John Wayne: standing alone. In the story of Jesus, that figure seems to be saying: I’m going to take such an extremely Jewish, such an extremely monotheistic, such an extremely moral position, a position so radically radical, that the rest of you will look, feel, and smell like shit.

Science and central authority are incompatible.

If you haven’t been crucified by the time you’re thirty-five, then you haven’t done anything important.

Contradiction is what powers the stars.

I am not amused!

Self-scripted ad lib for my last words.
You have to have a Hindu (or Wattsian) sense of existence as a game
of hide and seek to “get” either it or “laughing matter.”

Science: a system of belief where the hypothesis maps well with experience
Religion: a system of belief where Procrustes hammers the hypothesis onto the experience.

apropos of Bateson’s explanation as the mapping of experience onto a tautology

God may forgive you your sins, but the biosphere can’t.

(I suspect that’s at least half a paraphrase of Bateson)

The society that respects the ideacides while ignoring the inventors is, I fear further, not only deaf and dumb, but doomed.

When Ivan Illich pointed out (1970) that computers, awful as they were,
could be used to make the world both truly democratic and convivial,
I saw that as their only proper use.

If we are God’s children, the question becomes:
Will God allow us to grow up?
With God, we may have to wait till we go extinct without ever finding out. Thus, in the meantime, the far more important question becomes:

Will the State allow us to grow up?
Natural parents don’t always.
Unnatural parents never do.

Science invented honesty.

wrote Greg Bear; pk adds,
Government, in funding science, revived dishonesty.

The disastrousness of the consequences has no bearing on a theory’s truth.

The biosphere is like a tree: it lets you cut it down.

Truth is built on paradox.

The biosphere is degraded while species are homogenized.

There’s a difference between Jews believing that the Temple represented God before the Passion and after!

Officials can cite Jesus to interrupt Galileo,
and cite Galileo to interrupt Christ.

Civilization’s institutions chorus together their litany of lies.

I’ll try to average these pk quote files out at 100 each.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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