K. Progress

Knatz.com, censored in 2006, is now supposed to point here: but the domain expired, was renewed, but the link still isn’t operating. Patience. Meantime pKnatz blog is the same thing.

2016 03 30 I’ve been working at resurrecting the pk Stories: I’ve completed the / Stories / pk Chronologically / folder. Now I turn to the / Stories / pk Thematic folder. I think I’ll resurrect those in batches: strings of posts, not individual posts.

2013 03 Of several thousand text modules written by pk, destroyed by a combination of the FBI, federal judge Martinez, Fort Pierce fed court, February 2007, and my A+.net server, trembling at a court order to censor one of my folders, censored, destroyed, deleted all of my folders online. When the FBI returned my computers a year later, the synergy was destroyed, a million dollar budget couldn’t quite restore what I’d created.
I restore what I can by putting text back up: 10% or 15% of it by now: as I go blind and what’s left of my intelligence ebbs. The VA has gotten me hearing aids, but won’t fix my teeth. I’m currently still alive but without being able to chew much.
But there’s another obstacle to my fulfilling my promise to God to deliver what part of his message I could (turns out to be just about no part): Mac keeps changing its OS: OS X won’t run the $30,000 worth of software I bought for OS 7. And now Mac’s newer OS Xs won’t run software I bought for OS 9. And the new OS X won’t import my earlier OS X’s data for the Contacts app.
So, I have to disassemble and reassemble my Macs depending on what I want to do: surf, I use the new one, design, edit, the old one is much better. So: I have to juggle two OS Xs and one OS 9 tower: all my traditional work is on the tower.
Anyway: all this time I’ve tried to remount modules as blog posts, editing each as I go. Uh uh, no more; now I’m just going to rescue what I can, edit, update later, fix links if I live long enough.
Roughly three thousand text files to go: then several thousand graphics files. I doubt that I’ll be very successful in recreating my art gallery, but we’ll see.
2013 04 17 Got the Deschooling Philosophers up: and the reverse engineering of school’s purpose!
Now I’ll wring out a bit of time for Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

2012 06 21 I just moved the Quotes menu from the Teaching folder, put it in the main menu bar.
In time I’ll do the same for the Teaching and Personal folders as well.

2012 06 04 Hey, hurray! This blog just achieved 1,000 posts. The K. ensemble had 4,000 images & 4,000 text files, approximately. 1,000 here doesn’t mean I’m one third caught up from the federal censorship: many of these posts are originals, never at K. But I’ll sprint right past this marker, resurrecting, and adding new.
It can’t last forever, I’m going blind, am already fairly well deaf. I’m in great shape, have a wonderful partner, but accident or sabotage could crumple me at any moment: you too.

Harmful Image Warning
2012 04 09 For two decades pk domains displayed images for which my desktop was the source: paintings I had permission to promote, drawings I’d made myself … Images in the public domain that I’d downloaded and then uploaded to my own server. But not recently: and there was one consequence. I borrowed another domains picture of an actress. Sure I wanted their permission, no matter whose rights were involved. But I followed the expedient of use it first, ask once there’s time.
Next thing I know instead of the image, a window the same size as the image with a bold red border said: “Warning! This site may be harmful to your computer!”

Oh oh. When I deleted the image, the warning disappeared. Now I’ve been skimming the blog to see if anyone else is taking revenge: I have been using image without a lawyer clearing everything for me. And I’ll continue to do so. And I’ll try to be careful with images. But if the society hadn’t sabotaged me all my life I might be able to afford to do intrude less.

Owners of copyrights, I beg your forbearance. No receipts have been involved, there’s nothing to share, but pain.

2011 08 26 Thinking Tools first resurrected at pkTools blog have now all been moved here, to pKnatz blog: Thinking Tools.

Next I’ll tackle the monstrous problem of doing to the InfoAll blog what I did for pkTools: first I’ll make a menu here of blog posts there, then I’ll import the posts here, deleting them there.

I’ll also, starting today, expand my HierCon Stories, personal illustrations of anti-human behavior by authoritarian institutions. My school section is up to date, my church section is begun; now I’ll resurrect a few army stories, cop stories, a few more church stories, bureaucracy stories … as well.

As I work I discover procedural errors, correct them, and make new errors. But it’s progress. It will be done when all of K.’s modules, all 4,000 or so of them, are resurrected. But of course I have also created new modules constantly.

2011 10 11 I’ve moved even more of the Thinking Tools: a few more modules to go. That then will leave the Thinking Tools not yet written and the Thinking Tools not yet thought of. 2011 10 19 I’m pleased with the progress I’m making with modules in the K. / Teaching / Thinking Tools / Information-Macroinformation / Views / section: half done.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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