pk’s Judgment Day

Synopsis of my story

My short story Judgment Day (1971) has a guy reading Freud on a Central Park bench between glances up the skirt of the girl on the opposite bench. Something happens. He can’t put his finger on it until he notices the Dakota on Central Park West turning into the interior of St. John’s Cathedral. The rest of the horizon arranges itself, into the three-tiered Mannerist universe of Tintoretto, music by Faure: there’s the Earth spread out as the base; above and parallel to it are the clouds of heaven, supporting a host of saints; top center, like the apex of a triangle is a splashed gold icon for the sun and in front of it, a little gold seat for God.
(See the schematic in my piece on Le Boucher [Link to be restored].)

Christ eventually appears on it, and the guy, Protestant though he may be, starts confessing like crazy. He confesses to stepping on ants, the sweet countenance of Jesus above him.

Meanwhile, Central Park is crowding up. The graves start to open. The susurration of confessions grows tectonic. Pressed like a sardine, the guy is nevertheless certain that antinomianism is turning out to be true: for all their depravity, they’re all going to heaven. Christ’s mercy is infinite.

The confessions become more thorough, even creative. Jesus’ brows begin to furrow, his temples to gray. The tsunami of sins start him muttering about his sacrifice. Forty days in the desert when he could have been drinking ambrosia. Once the metamorphosis into Jehovah is complete, the North Lake boils as black pitch. Devils erupt and start jabbing everyone with pitchforks.

“Into hell. All of them.” But the voice is no longer Jehovah’s. The metamorphosis has reached stasis in the figure of a baboon, writhing and foaming in onanist ecstasy on the platform. When a voice from everywhere and nowhere, soundless but from within, says, “That’s enough Lucifer. Stop fucking with my people.”

The guy is back on the bench, seeing all that he wants to see.


If Satan is second in power only to God, and the whole thing is magic, how can mortals, even if they’re Moses or Abraham, tell what they’re seeing or hearing?

Judgment and Judgment Day are major pk themes. See pk’s reemerging Justice, Judgment menu.


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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