Art Quotes

the plastic arts: space, time …

Inspiration is for amateurs.

Abstract: The Art of Design

Architecture interacts with the real world.

Tadeo Ando

I paint like a barbarian in a barbaric age.

Karel Appel

Champagne for my real friends;
real pain for my sham friends.

Francis Bacon

In painting … what is said … doesn’t count.

La Belle Noiseuse

What’s your medium?
Extra large.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

A great photograph can never happen again.

Harry Benson

Talking about art is like dancing about architecture.

David Bowie

An advantage of working as much as you can is that you never know when it going to be just right.

Dale Chihuly
on working regardless of how you feel, whether you’re hung over or out of sorts …

Art you think; music you feel.

Ron English

As an architect draws, men live.

Paul Goodman

You cannot have a better job. All this tortured artist stuff is just bull.

Rich Hall

I’m not that important.

George Harrison

Frida Kahlo’s art
 A ribbon around a bomb

André Breton

I feel what Christ felt.
I am like Buddha.


I am not afraid of suffering because God will be with me. I know how to suffer.


Any work of art has three values: A) the value to the artist in doing it; B) the value to the public in encountering it; C) what you can sell if for. And the three have nothing to do with each other.

What is art but both sides of a paradox made eloquent?

I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them.

Jackson Pollock

Art is a series of destructions.

(Gee: science too!)
(and new religions.)

Art is alive, it tells us the truth.


Alternately: Art is a lie which makes us see the truth.

Hoffman: You work from the heart, you need to work from nature.
Pollock: I am nature.

Mark Rothko sought
An unknown destination in an unknown space.

Simon Schama

This is what drives the very greatest art: contempt for ingratiation.

Simon Schama’s Rembrandt

Art is the enemy of democracy.

Gore Vidal

My common purpose is to introduce dynamic models where static models have ruled.

See pk’s fiction as well as his modules.

I quote Karel Appel’s refrain from his movie, I paint like a barbarian in a barbaric age. The camera showed a painting’s surface as the image built, but also showed the canvas from the back side as he applied the paint: it thrummed, rhythmically, like the skin of a drum!

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