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In the late 1960s Lauter and Howe published a co-consideration reverse-engineering school’s “purpose.” Perhaps the purpose isn’t what the commissars pretend: perhaps school isn’t intended to disseminate literacy, or numeracy, things it fails at. Perhaps school’s “real” purpose is to train the population in obedience, in accepting one’s lot, in showing up on time, in doing what one is told … If so, the school gets not an F but an A: maybe an A+.

I’ve been saying this, privately since 1969, publicly since 1970. I offered an internet to say it worldwide in 1970. On line I’ve been detailing it since 1995. Censorship destroyed all my work in 2007, but I’ve been reconstructing here at pKnatz blog. Today I add this consideration as a catalyst.

Simplifying: kleptocrats submit their children to the state’s regulation in the faith that the state will make the geniuses sit still while the morons take their ideas as their own.

Cuckoos invade a nest while the mother is away. The cuckoo tips the mother’s eggs out of the nest, then lays its own egg. The next builder returns and cares for the cuckoo egg!

nest parasite
the cookoo, a nest parasite
thanx hensteeth

My cuckoo image is complex, appropriate in a number of ways, seemingly inappropriate in others. In this picture the cuckoo chick is displaying a red open mouth, a sign for a nesting parent to feed it. It seems that the chick is parasitizing the adult. It is, in part: actually it’s the whole cuckoo species, the whole cuckoo genu, that’s the brood parasite. I say school parasitizes the society, the school parasitizes the young … the teachers doing the parasitizing are themselves hosts to the state parasite …

When Jesus expects us to feed him so he can preach, he’s a parasite we welcome, we feed him and his disciples, his hangers on, voluntarily: it’s not like Genghis Khan’s army marches through, takes your daughters, takes your sons, your food, by military force. But with school the state is the war lord: you give your daughter, and your son, and your crops, and your income … and a big part of your back forty to build the school on.

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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