Noah, Imitation of Christ

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From Noah to the Imitation of Christ

There’s plenty of chat here about fishing and skiing, music and art … That chat becomes serious where I discuss my life work and offer my analyses and criticisms of society and its epistemology: from religion to science.

Do you know my work apart from this home page? My writing? My hypotheses? My reforms in education and politics? Not likely.

Well: that must be because my writing is poor, my scholarship without foundation, my reforms off the mark … Right? Wrong. Or rather, it depends on who’s manipulating the evidence, who’s controlling the lighting, who has the power to pull the plug when I cut close to the bone.

In the Jew’s story, Noah was the only one who listened to God. Did the others make him mayor? Moses brought God’s word; the Jews didn’t listen very well. Isn’t the Old Testament the Jew’s own story of seldom respecting their prophets, frequently dis-respecting their own God?

In the Christian story, Jesus (
note) preached at the Temple of Jerusalem at the onset of Passover. How was he received by the priests and scribes? We all know only too well. Indeed, the king got involved and suckered the Roman authorities into breaking their own laws to go along with the mocking, torture, and execution of Jesus. Christian or not, can’t anyone see that at least some of what Jesus said makes sense? Wouldn’t a rational people have at least considered it?

In the Protestant story, Luther tried to actually read the Bible. This time, it was the Christian Church that condemned him to death. He found a powerful backer, or we’d never have heard of him. Look beyond what the schools prescribe for you and you’ll see: Luther wasn’t the first. Or the last.

Scientists tell the story of Galileo. He made a telescope. Right away, he found statelites, moons, around Jupiter. The Church maintained that the earth was the only body in the universe with anything revolving around it. The earth didn’t rotate. It was still, fixed, the center. All else revolved around it. The cardinals wouldn’t look at the evidence. Evidence didn’t count compared to their tradition. Tradition was authority enough. Galileo was arrested, threatened with torture. Isn’t it cute though how the Church’s business interests continued to buy his star charts, even while he was imprisoned?

Do the scientists tell what they themselves did to the two young German scientists who found a meteorite (1940s) that bore fossils that for all the world looked like bacteria? The first recorded evidence of possible extra-terrestrial life? [See Sir Fred Hoyle, The Intelligent Universe]
Was it examined? Was it discussed, challenged, refuted? No: it was buried.

Oh well, that was Germans. They lost. We’re all Americans now. We value education. We have freedom of speech, a free press. We don’t do any of those awful repressive things.

Oh really? That depends on who’s manipulating the
evidence, who’s controlling the lighting, who has the power to pull the plug. I offer my life and experience as evidence to the contrary. My Presbyterian Church was no more open to criticism than Luther or Galileo’s Catholic Church. My schools were deaf to correction. Academic freedom in my university meant years of tumbling in non-comprehension, manipulated evidence, controlled lighting … Eventually I pulled the plug myself.

Ah, but the real authority these days is secular, democratically elected. Then why don’t my representatives accurately hear what I say to them? I have the documents. I can prove chronic irrelevance in their responses. That is, I could prove it to anyone who would actually look at the evidence, secede momentarily from his circle of faith.

At least I really have had freedom of speech. What good is it though when you live in a forest where everyone is deaf to the trees falling?

If you’re satisfied with what your church and its priests predigest for you, if you’re satisfied with what your state and its priests … Excuse me, its congressmen, teachers, doctors, lawyers, media folk … predigest for you, then I hope you’ll also be satisfied with the chaos and failure inevitable in our future when our magicians’ hocus pocus can no longer mask the truth from us. Our bank accounts grow while the biosphere is impoverished. Will the illusion still work once the numbers who choke and starve pass some threshold? How about when none of the weapons can find the right bullets and we revert to sticks and stone while turning to cannibalism? Will you keep the faith?

My efforts as a writer, scholar, reformer … have all failed. None but a few ever even know what they were. Now all I want is to build a time capsule. Perhaps an intelligence will find my work and see its context after the Fall. Of course there’s no reason you can’t find it and try to save yourself, and possibly avert the Fall. But I’m not holding my breath. To do that you’d have to be an actual intelligence, not controlled by social illusions. You’d have to be one of those rare few who preferred to speak up about Santa Claus, no matter how many presents it cost you. Then you might have found it at the time it would have been most helpful: when I was doing it.

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I’ve never indulged in second-guessing myself. I don’t bother to wish now that I’d concentrated instead on rocketry and self-contained systems: that I’d tried instead to save my genes by getting away from this stupid homo-sapiens-dominated asylum. If I were a soldier in the ordinary sense, I’d now try to exterminate all of you in an effort to save me and mine, elect myself the new Noah … (Of course, if God wants to do it for me, he shouldn’t need my help. Not if he’s really God.)

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Jesus’ words are repeated to us. We read them. We revere them. But do we learn from them? Follow them? Are we transformed and reformed by them? I don’t see it. How many of us have given all our money to the poor to follow Him? Did we turn the other cheek with Hitler? With Kadafi? Don’t we still judge? How can we imprison a single accused without protecting our backs? What if it’s Jesus in disguise? Didn’t he warn us about treating even of the least of his bretheren? Didn’t he say he’d take it personally?

I don’t see us obeying so much as the original Ten Commandments. Now I know I don’t. But I stopped calling myself a Christian a long time ago. What about the rest of you? Those of you who do call yourselves Christians? In what sense are you Christians? What right do you have to his title for yourselves: followers of the Messiah?

You believe he’ll “save” you. Even after you don’t turn the other cheek? Commit genocides against the helpless? Keep the benefits of the labor of those our ancestors enslaved without recompense?

The adult pk doesn’t see any correspondence between Jesus’ words and the behavior of Christians. Therefore, Christianity as practiced has little to do with moral or ethical behavior. It strictly concerns magical and superstitious behavior: If I light this candle I can raise the rent, evict the pregnant lady, the starving composer, keep a hundred coats while thousands have none … and still get pie in the sky.

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A time-honored method of controlling opinion is through labeling. Did Pilate interrogate Jesus the Christ? Jesus the Messiah? Jesus, the Son of God? Or did Pilate interrogate some vagrant, some magician huckster, a shaman, some troublemaker, perhaps a terrorist?

The Church didn’t arrest Galileo the great scientist and genius; it arrested Galileo, the heretic. Did the FBI murder Fred Hampton, a proposer of breakfasts for children or Fred Hampton, uppity n-? [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosido in fashion.] History can’t be understood unless you have more than one pair of spectacles. Remember than Albert Einstein was Einstein the lunatic for decades before we dubbed him Einstein the Genius.

Always ask: Who’s controlling the lighting, who has the power to pull the plug?

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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