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Jelly Fish

There’s a cherished memory I’ve told repeatedly in person but never before online. My army buddy Mike became a doctor and was interning in Manhattan. He had shelved his Hispanic wife, boarded over his sons by her, and was living … Continue reading

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Le Boucher: Compositional Information

Information Theory / pk’s Macroinformation / Example / Medium / Mixed Media / Movies / ( spun off from, all pk domains got censored: now reconstructing at pKnatz blog) Macroinformation in Composition: Chabrol’s Le Boucher: topographical, geometrical, architectural … … Continue reading

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Objective Original

Playhouses show “Shakespeare.” Schools assign “Shakespeare.” We can be sure there had to be a manuscript, maybe a series of manuscripts, by Shakespeare at some point, but the point at which we had access to such a manuscript passed out … Continue reading

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pk’s Judgment Day

Synopsis of my story My short story Judgment Day (1971) has a guy reading Freud on a Central Park bench between glances up the skirt of the girl on the opposite bench. Something happens. He can’t put his finger on … Continue reading

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The Truth of Horror

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Personal / Chat / Favorites / Art / Movies & TV / I just saw The Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) for the first time. I got a first glimpse … Continue reading

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Property, Freedom, Economics

I just wrote the following in my reflections on the movie Agora, with reference to the Christian ritual of feeding the poor. In my son’s mind (an Austrian economist) property and freedom go together. In my mind, property and freedom … Continue reading

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Government vs. Wilderness

Apropos: Man, Woman, Dog Rescued From Cliff Growing up I sure didn’t like being sent to school, but I accepted my parent’s right to insist that I go. Of course I was at least dimly aware that other forces were … Continue reading

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Agora: Characters

Davus I love the character Davus. In this visit I’ll try to keep my comments simple: though the character, the sitution, is complex. The Christians are gathering their ire to blame the Jews for crucifying Jesus. Davus suggests that the … Continue reading

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Agora: Movie Mechanics

I started wriging about Agora in order to talk about religion and politics displacing information with misinformation, driving out intelligence and promoting mass hysteria: but I wound up commenting on the movie as art as well: cast, cinematography, direction, editing, … Continue reading

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Develop Theme notes

The foregoing Development scribble notebooks need de-duplication and outlining before they need to be reviewed for possible expansion as posts. I’ve deduped a bit, will dedup more, and I’ve also subtracted the first few of a series of familiar pk … Continue reading

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