Abbreviations and So Forth

pK = this blog! the Paul Knatz blog
pk = Paul Knatz
born August Paul Knatz, Jr.
aka: A. Paul Knatz

I’ve long applauded ee cummings’ refusal to let himself be added to the 18th-century fad for pretentious capitalization. I join him. John Doe can pretend he’s a big deal entity.
(Napoleon dressed his generals like peacocks, then he stepped onto the stage in basic black, like Hamlet.)
That‘s what pk means.

Kdot, K. … = = pk’s home page
any pk domain

Any pk domain? Till the US clobbered me in 2006 there were a half dozen:,,,,
[pk also had a half-a domain, a shared domain: ShameOnUS: co-founded with patriot Willow, who apparently thought that I was an ultra conservative, ultra right wing patriot like herself. Once she began to notice my anarchism, my contempt for all kleptocracies, including the kleptocracy of Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Lincoln, she scuttled us, went back to being on her own.]

K. As I edit [it’s now 2013 09 14] I notice places that say ” .”: a space before a dot. Somehow there had to have been a “K” there, now missing. Understand: it’s

pK: Notice here, for this blog, the “p” is lower case (as in “pk”); the K is uppercase, as in Knatz. pKnatz blog.

The speakers of a language share the language, but always also have their own variations within the language. Each of us, knowingly or not, speaks an ideolect. And beyond ideolect, I have my personal slang, my semantic hobby horses, and occasionally, my own abbreviations.

We can both look up “Miles Davis” in the encyclopedia, but even after we’ve each read every word carefully, what you understand by “Miles Davis” will not be a precise match of what I mean by “Miles Davis.” Were you in Birdland the first night he played All Blues before the public? I was. How many times did you see him in person? How critically have you trained your ear? Can your ear distinguish his rhythm? his tonal smears?
No, we’ll never mean quite the same thing by Miles: or by God, by Jesus … by truth.
Still, I hope my efforts here help you to understand what I mean by this and that. I strongly recommend my consciousness, and its reasons. But society, its left hand not knowing what its right hand was doing, or its right hand what its left hand was doing, or its foot, belly, or brain, silenced me in school (as all exceptional independents are silenced) (what do you think the story of Jesus really means?)

About K.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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