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I’ll use the space below to comment on pk names by type: nicknames, noms de plume for pk the writer, internet domain names … K. had modules on the subject. I’ll gather and adapt them, then rewrite.

Nicknames are often significant, jail nicknames especially so. Friends and enemies who know of names I’ve been called behind my back that don’t get mentioned here are encouraged to add such names as Comments.

pk: from the censored following my arrest in 2006:

I was born August Paul Knatz, Jr. in New York City (making me at least the fourth August in a row). pk was born on a list pad thumbtacked to the kitchen wall of a furnished six flight walk up on West 112th Street–four blocks and a bit south longitude, several doors east latitude of where Gus’s ad was posed (three roommates kept track like a bridge score of who’d spent what on groceries and supplies). On the street as in his reading chair “rdj” remained Bob DeJong: “bt” is still Bill Tapley, but “pk,” despite the lack of legal papers, emerged as pk forever.

pk Handles, from Jail, 2006, 2007:

I was called all the usual names for guys with gray hair in or out of jail: Pop, or Pops … Old Man … and a bunch of the usual names for anybody: Dude, etc. But some names were improvised or hung on me with thought, care, and imagination: a number of them flattering, some with perhaps some degree of appropriateness. I’m very proud of some of those names.

Greatest Philo-so-phuh!
Hannibal Lecter
Frank Sinatra
Hey: Tough Guy!

Ignatz: cartoon bozo
I’ve also been called every possible combination of “Nazi”-sounding names, especially in childhood.

Church Camp, early 1950s, also Columbia, late 1950s (and at our 20th reunion, 1980)


Dance partner, 2009

more coming, I did recent ones, dancing, and jail, first. Stories longer than a line I’ve moved to independent posts, leaving this a mixed-menu.
and I have to list alternate names and aliases for K. and alternate domain names: StateEnemy eg.

pk Nicknames
Dance Nicknames

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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