Red Alert

Last night I was line dancing at Duffers. Maureen called a circle dance, she was teaching it, only a few knew it. Men danced counterclockwise, changing partners as the women went the other way. When I came to Barbara Hester, a redhead I have a history with, she froze and wouldn’t dance. She backed out of the circle. She’s been mistreating me for two years, responding to what she imagined was a mistreatment by me. (I beg to differ on the nature of the treatment: she mistook flattery.) Two years of impatience erupted from me as, “Why are you being so ridiculous?”

Kiss my ass,”

she hissed, her face setting into malevolence.

I’ll introduce our history in a moment, you can read posts online on the subject since October 2009. But I point out first: if Barbara didn’t want to dance with me, even in a circle dance, she shouldn’t have be in the circle. Or, she should have asked Maureen to bar me from the circle the moment Maureen announced the circle. Or she should have expressed a complaint to Russ, Duffer’s boss, about me before I came in the door: Russ then could have looked into it. I’ve told the story online since the day Barbara first turned on me.

I’ll review the whole situation in a moment: first here are those links to my reports from the time.
Grab the Redhead, from IonaArc blog 2009 Oct 22
Redhead Revisited, from PaulKnatz blog 2009 Nov 5

2011 10 26 The above incident happened Monday evening, the 24th. I posted this yesterday, the 25th. Last night I told my beloved Jan about it: and she and I had a hilarious time as she thought of things she would say to Barbara when she sees her. Jan reminded me of friends who always asks her permission to dance with me. Jan, of course, always grants it. It’s a courtesy, a compliment: benign socializing.) So Jan said that she’d remind Barbara that Barbara hadn’t asked Jan’s permission to ask me to kiss her ass. (Tell me to kiss her ass, actually.)
Now that I think of it, it was that same month, October 2009, that Jan and I became friends. October 14th Jan and I celebrated our second anniversary! Good gosh, I started going out with Jan just as Barbara showed her insane side!
I calculate: Wed Oct 14: Jan and I meet and danced for the first time. I would have been dancing most dances that day with Barbara! (and with Isabelle and with Joyce, my line dance friends.) If I was going out with anybody at the time, it was with Barbara! The incident with Calman sidewinding Barbara had to have been Wed Oct 21. Barbara stiffed our relationship the next day, Thurs, Oct. 22, refusing to keep our date Fri Oct 23. Jan didn’t come back to the Social till the following Wed, Oct 28. And it’s since then that Jan and I have been inseparable: except for her visit to her Nova Scotia homes this summer. It would have been Oct 29 or so that Jan first invited me to her Sebring home.
2012 09 08 Jan’s in Nova Scotia again now, bless her.

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