Hitler Wins Again!

Jesus got sandbagged by the priests of his day. And the priests got aided by the secular forces. The Temple of Jerusalem was ruled as a hierarchy. God was supposed to be at the top but of course the Jew’s Bible is a testament to God never being able to get a word in edgewise. Meantime, the secular forces, King Herod, Pontius Pilat as an extension of Ausustus Caesar, aided the falsehoods of the priests. And the public did what the public is so good at: it stood there, doing nothing: watching, like TV.

It’s wonderful. Jesus, supposed to be an extension of God, comes and tries again: and the society, just like it did in the Garden, and for Noah, and Abraham, and under Moses, showed its utter inability to be anything but suicidally stupid. And “Christians” insist on the same political structure for society that got Jesus crucified, Gandhi jailed, kept Nixon in the White House: vertical centralized authority! a hierarchy: armed thugs at the top.

Somehow, eighty years ago, we were still here, diseased, doomed, but not quite altogether dead, and the world was agitating to see who could be the most fascist (but calling the fascism by different labels). The Americans called their fascism “democracy,” the Russians called their fascism “communism”; the Germans and Italians and Spaniards called their fascism “fascism.” (That is: fascism is our English translation of whatever they called it their their languages.)
The Allies whooped it on the Axis, Hitler got pounded to hell, and Britain and America and Russia carried right on with many of Hitler’s policies.

What were those policies? Why, to hate Jews, to make a virtue of secular hypocrisy, and to be ever more fascist!

So what’s fascism? Why, to socialize more and more of everything, bestowing monopolies on your friends: or at least your fellow hate-group members.

If whoever can get the message delivered delivers the message (so long as the message isn’t intelligent, or isn’t from god, that’s a free market. When Caesar, or whoever crucified Jesus, creates a postoffice by fiat, and also by fiat, destroys all possible competition, and relegates the monopoly to the fellow Caesar plays poker with on Friday nights, that’s fascism.

So: when Roosevelt fiats a CCC, or a (peacetime) draft, or a social security commission, or a CIA … that’s fascism: same as when Hitler loosed his what-ever-color-shirts.

But, pk, if everything is the same, and everything means the same thing, why have different words? why say anything at all?
Good question: but everything isn’t the same: Spanish fascism wasn’t German fascism any more than Jewish atheism is the same thing as Roman Catholic atheism.

Hitler gave a flavor to German fascism of the 1930s that Roosevelt or Churchill couldn’t have, even had they been German. For example: will.


I believe in will. I know that there’s a difference between trying hard and not trying hard. I’ve lost races I maybe could have won had I started sprinted harder, sooner. Has there ever been a human who didn’t understand that. But Hitler’s belief in will wasn’t normal, wasn’t common. Hitler displayed an absolute faith in will. His certainty would have done credit to other monsters of certainty: Theodore Roosevelt!

Medieval literature featured characters who displayed some virtue so unalloyed with practicality, with possibility, as to be insane! Patience! Constancy! Chastity!

Patience in the monument, Shakespeare wrote, smiling at grief.
We don’t find such abstractions in our experience; we find them in our pathology.

Anyway, I’ll quick insert here where I’m going, to develop it as slowly as I like:

Boobland just beheld another World Series, for baseball, of course: a really good one. I watched and loved it and I don’t know or care anything about Cardinals or Rangers. But never mind the game and its genuine heroics, its genuine griefs and failures and disappointment, its curative doses of reality. Dig the journalism:

These Rangers will be remembered for a triple failure, for Neftali Feliz allowing David Freese’s tying triple in the ninth inning of Game 6, for Scott Feldman giving up Lance Berkman’s tying single in the 10th and for Mark Lowe allowing Freese’s game-ending home run in the 11th.
“I tried the best that I could,” Feliz said. “What happened? It wasn’t what I envisioned, that was all. A bad outcome.”

What Feliz is quoted as saying is sane, reasonable. But the preceeding paragraph! Pure Hitler. Media are still pandering insane belief in will as magic!
Cúchulainn fought against the tide, the tide won. It’s Cúchulainn’s fault for lack of faith in will.
One might hope that any real Celtic Cúchulainn would learn from experience. But we know for sure that Hitler would never learn from experience, nor Roosevelt: neither one of them.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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