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Sentiences wouldn’t last long if the organism had to decide whether or not it’s heart should beat one more beat, whether it should take one more breath … If the rock exists at time1, the rock is likely to still exist at time2. If the amoeba divided yesterday, it’s likely to divide again tomorrow.
As I’ve written so many times before, if the porpoise is knocked unconscious while underwater it will asphyxiate long before it drowns because cetacians don’t breathe except deliberately. Knock a man out while under water and he will breathe: water will fill his lungs. The cetaceans default setting is not to breathe, it breathes deliberately; our setting is to breathe. Most of the time we’re above water. So breathing automatically saves more lives than it spends. If we lived underwater, the opposite might apply.

Societies pray to the god for luck, for favor: Bring me rain, Find me food, Give me the girl … The society’s default setting is that the god bestows or denies privilege. Then along comes the Christian god and sends his own son to be tortured by the evil humans, who can’t tell shit from Shinola. The god who brought capricious favors now floods the earth, obliterates Sodom, won’t let Moses into paradise, tortures the Christ, or at least oversees the torture of the Christ … What happens? Do humans stop praying? Do humans run and hide from the god, as Adam did? No! Humans resume their previous default setting: pray to god, god gives favors.

Now: Caesar is a little god. (Actually, Caesar is the biggest god those people ever saw!) He gives favors. Let him rape your daughter, let him send your son to be killed: maybe he’ll let you live.
Maybe he’ll take the land from some spic and give it to some wop. Maybe that wop will be you!

Centralization is convenient for a Caesar, maybe Caesar’s successful centralization will be convenient for you. Maybe Caesar will give you the postal monopoly if not the salt mine.
American caesars took native land and gave it to white people who’d pay taxes to the caesars. American caesars took labor from blacks, from Chinese, from those pressed through a justice department: They put me on the chain gang, chain gang, chain gang
That was fine when the land was being stolen from natives, but what should white people make of it when the gold being stolen is from a white man? What happens when the lives being stolen are from everybody? Your Dow averages go up; but there’s no air left to breath, the land is getting drowned by the ocean …

Does the society learn?

No. The society resets to the default: the god is capricious, but can be fooled in our favor.

Never mind that he murders his own son, punishes his own people: reset to default, pray, give everything, believe you’ll receive.

The government puts everybody in school. The government regulates the school. The budget climbs to the billions, the dozens of billions. Test results plummet.
So the government, which had taken 20% of your money now takes 50% of your money. The school year is lengthened. Illiteracy climbs to the highest it’s been since school became compulsory.
By then even Communists should see that Stalin isn’t helping them. But no: let’s give the state 100%, and then pray for it to bring us rain.

Institutions can betray their charter every day so long as the primitive people will revert to their most primitive errors the worse things get.

The Temple crucified Jesus? Hey, wait till you see what the Church does!
The US burned Reich’s books? Too bad you don’t know pk’s books, you’ll never see what was done to them.

Ah: except for one thing! The people may not learn, but the institutions do! The Temple got the Romans to crucify Jesus, a Persian torture-execution. But the Church didn’t crucify anybody! Not anybody!
No: the Church drew people and quartered them, the Church cut their nuts off, cut their teats, sliced their clit. The Church burned people.

What about the US? The US hasn’t crucified a single person: not even a n- [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosido in fashion.], not even a chink.
True. We incinerate millions but on foreign soil: and back home, everyone who isn’t in school (everyone not successfully pacified) is in jail.

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When I was assaulted, the guy who attacked me, once he had finished beating on me, went and called the cops, reported that I’d attacked him! The cops asked me why I hadn’t called the cops!
Why? I’d already been beat up! Cops have never protected anarchists! A woman who’s been raped all her life doesn’t call more rapists when she’s been raped again. The black who survives a lynching doesn’t call the sheriff: it was the sheriff who held the rope on him a moment before!

The society assigns institutional assumptions to us. We aren’t allowed to learn from experience. The Catholic sends her child to confession, the priest molests the child. What’s the mother supposed to do? Call a priest?
Yes! That’s exactly what the monopolizing institution wants her to do.
Ah! When I’ve been arrested and jailed, when all relevant information was barred from my trial, when censorship and the threat of more censorship was the worst torture imposed on me, me who’ve been censored all my life, worse than the stripping, and the refrigeration of the cells … I know what I’ll do! I’ll write a letter to my congressman!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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