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My work is the product of a literalist Christian Americanism
first traumatized by a liberal arts education,
the residue then electrified by
the discovery of modern reason.
Religious & Secular Training
with captured specimens on display

(though the complete reference extends throughout this site)

Years after writing the above I add another dynamic dichotomy:
one not merely autobiographical for me,
but to a large extent biographical for all of us:
our religious tradition
& our kleptocratic tradition
versus Liberty
our democratic
& philosophical tradition
religion, school, education, communication, theme, thesis, revolution, writing, discrepancies
Thematic Chronology
Born 1938 09 01

In my childhood I revered
my society


My prose writing through the ’50s consisted of amusing fragments. Some sketched character. Others masked sophistication with an apparent
Most, O Henry-like, revealed the situation fully only in the last line. My poetry was negligible: a few short lyrics and little more. Some plans from that period waited a decade or more for expression.

In my youth I studied
my society

Early 1960s

Play for Voices is still stuck in its first draft, but then it’s only 286 words and does illustrate the ambition claimed above. Specifically, I wanted to transform the way in which we are Christians. In the Heaven I imagined, Jesus remains suffering on the cross, surrounded by worshipping souls. A newcomer rebels and tries to relieve the two thousand year long torment of His thirst. Eternity is instantly transformed and the passive worshipers may be presumed to see that it could have been done sooner had any of them had the least bit of practical Love mixed in with their reverence.

Decommission imitates Washington Army Orders to pretend that President Kennedy had ordered the disbanding of the military. There was no place for war in my Christianity.

As a young adult I tried to teach
my society

Middle ’60s

In brief, my thesis on Shakespeare’s Sonnets presents “the fair love” and “the dark lady” as an oxymoron pitting the idea against the real. That agon is emblematic of the two major forces in Western philosophy: orthodox Realism and heretical nominalism. The foundation for my theory of Macroinformation is implicit in my Shakespeare’s Sonnets as meta-oxymoron thesis. We’re wasting great poetry when we look for biography instead of seeing the two principle titans of Western thought in the cybernetic wrestling match which spawned our own ideas. “On both sides thus is simple truth suppressed.”

This adult tried to reform

Late ’60s, Early ’70s

When I wrote my satirical letters to a series of Presidents, I was deliberately summoning Mark Twain to be reincarnated in me. I later learned that I was also cloning a living writer (who may well have made the same invitation to Twain): I’m pleased to say that the New York Times
ironist, Russell Baker recognized that we were sharing the same soul. I took my Americanism seriously and expected our “leaders” to do the same. I wanted a society of Jeffersonian “free yeomen”; not some damn masked imperialism, with presidents yearning to be Czar.

The Model: The First Week: was initially intended as an argument that God could do anything but wound up exposing Genesis for bad design. I now see it as an indictment of modern society’s exaggerated homeostasis: our refusal to abandon familiar but false theories.

Out of Order imagines globally coordinated accounting with a voice recognition system. Satellite computers hear you order, know your balance, and deduct. Theft is still possible but not of money: there is none to steal. No credit, no interest. There’s trouble in paradise when the tri-com develops hiccups and no one can get on the subway.

In the Park fictionalizes the activities of a class mate who liked to kill muggers. The dude’s face would really drop when a machete came out of his raincoat instead of his wallet. The narrator is a dumbfounded Black pacifist. It still pisses me off to recall that the making of Death Wish was announced not too long after I got the story back from Esquire. Mighty suspicious.

Judgment Day needs a better description than space allows here. This Judgment Day has a lot of people seeing hell fire before turning out to be a prank by a puissant prankster. (Years latter, Ghost Busters duplicated some of the same jokes, again without mention of, or a penny to, me.)

Release marks my coming under the influence of Ivan Illich. This great priest noted that the Church, a capitalist institution, had invented Purgatory as a way to sell more masses to an already saturated market. I’d already accepted Fuller’s contention that the Carnegies of America’s capitalism had endowed universities as a way of emasculating the young and intelligent: keep them in school and you won’t have them competing against you — they’ll soon be past their prime and working for you. I imagined a Purgatory for academics where dead professors bankrupt the young in an obligation to keep their tombs updated with the latest information in their fields. Education is the catholic church of the Americanized world.

FLEX is what else I did as a disciple of Illich. Had you preferred cheap freedom to expensive thralldom, the United States alone could have saved hundreds, perhaps thousands, of billions of tax dollars by now: and you’d have something vastly more convivial than the internet — without having to own a computer! (2004: Deschooling materials are being moved from abbreviated
to Deschooling.)

1974 to 1982

PK Fine Arts, Ltd. represented artists and their graphics and published and distributed multiple original graphics.

As did August Editions Limited, both in New York City. Examples are here and there. (August Paul Knatz, Jr. is the name on my birth certificate. FLEX [Free Learning Exchange, Inc.] was my only corporation that wasn’t my name in one form or another.)

Meantime, endeavoring to teach myself the flute, music notation (jury-rigged over the centuries) driving me crazy, I invented a twelve-tone notation system that would have enabled the same script to be played in any key by sliding the names of the frequencies (C, C#, D …) against the pattern of the tune’s invertals. (I quickly learned that music publishers receive receive proposals for new notation systems every other day: ignoring all of them.)

1982 to 1989

By the Hair of the Comet:
If a comet made the dinosaurs extinct, what could another do to us? A plot on the subject masks a deeper question about human communication. Synopsis.

An invention far more important than the wheel, second perhaps only to fire, gets reinvented in this time-travel story. More things than time get reversed as I address problems in entropy, social cooperativeness, and existential type.
Synopsis with excerpt.

Dark Beacon:
Heaven turns out to be an intensional evolution engine strongly biased toward the Golden Rule. Synopsis with excerpt.

In my age I indict
my society

1985 to Present

My Journal.

The Model: The Second Week brings the universe from Ptolemaic to Einsteinian.

The Model: Denouement and Lost in Time bring the universe up to date, including quantum uncertainty, chaos, and complexity.

King encounters a man fleeing for his life through a primeval forest. What they do when they catch him may surprise modern readers.

Interpreter for Highlands Hammock State Park, 1989 to 2000: ecology, history, relationship of evironments (hammock, pinewoods, cypress swamp, bayhead, marsh, scrub)

Co-founded the Heartland Macintosh Users Group

PK Imaging

A number of modules here report things done to as well as by this subject. One result of my life’s work has included broken bones and smashed teeth.

Co-founded Shame on US

Write and maintain this site

Invented Macroinformation

Author same

But still love it

Simultaneously I have had to imerse myself in inventing a new, semiotically aware, Existential Epistemology!

Friend, web-advisor, and code instructor for

2006: arrested by the fed
2007: censored by the fed
details pending

2008 Dance master for Highlands Senior Center

2011 line dance teacher for the YMCA

launched @ K. 1995 08 01
out of date but better than nothing: I’ll edit code and repair links after all the files for the chronology section are up.

pk Overview

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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