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Mission: to argue that self-congratulatory religions like Christianity are masks to cover our true nature: camouflage, stalking horses

Why Are We “Christian”?

One way man deceives himself and others is with the superficiality of his intellect. We usually succeed in palming complex things off as simple. We’re furious at the kid so we whup him “for his own good.” The whupped kid may even believe us.

My piece on Edges and Borders suggests that to know a territory you have to look at the edges as well as at the center. To know the United States and its culture you have to consider El Paso and New York as well as Kansas City and Mayberry. To know a continent you have to know the shore as well as the plains, fault lines and buckling plates as well as stable plates … I was taken to the shore and saw huge chunks of moral continent wash away when I stumbled on an interview with a fugitive in the 1960s. It’s close to forty years since I heard it. I could have a detail or two wrong here — I certainly don’t remember the guy’s name — but the details could be researched: just be careful to use international sources. If you don’t trust the fugitive, don’t trust his pursuers either.

WBAI in New York was the east coast’s Pacifica radio station. WNCN was best for “classical” music; WBAI played good classical music but mixed in good folk music and good jazz … They also had the wildest marathons I’ve ever encountered. Wagner’s Ring cycle complete in a solid twenty-four hours. Tolstoy’s War and Peace read aloud and complete in one hundred sixty-eight straight hours. Some “politics” would come on and I’d get back to WNCN or a jazz station fast. Except this one time … Something about the interviewee’s voice held me long enough to hear just enough detail to get hooked. The voice was deep south illiterate but courage and intelligence showed through. The guy was from Monroe, Alabama, pronounced MUNrow. The interview took place in Canada or Cuba where he had fled from the United States. His crime was that he had armed and defended himself and his family against a lynch mob. Of course since he had fled to Cuba, he was not only a “N-” but a “Commie.” Since he had defended himself — successfully: that’s the real killer — he was a dangerous Commie N-.

[Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 06, euphemizing the most popularly offensive words, so ironic for the freedom guy]

Whatever the truth of the guy’s story, I’m betting that this one part is true. He explained that the Klaners brought their women and children along to their lynchings. Indeed, they had the women and children go first, putting them between the lynchers and their victim. The men would then scream names, shoot through the windows, maybe fire the house. Once the intended victim came out, he’d have every provocation to be distraught, right? Maybe be hysterical? Maybe raise his voice?

What da hell you doin’?

If so, the trick worked. He used a cuss work in front of your women and children! Now you can riddle him with bullets, drag him to a tree, get the rope around his neck. Or maybe the guy comes out waving his arms. Why, this n- raised his hand against your children. Of course you had to kill him.

2005 10 07

Civilization is too polite to ever admit as testimony any evidence from the guy who said Oh, God, damn! when we were trying to lynch him. Therefore, it can never be shown, except at our sufferance, that we ever lynched anybody.

The fraud of men was ever so,
Since summer first was leafy.


You bring your women and your children to trespass before you onto his property, harass him, do whatever it takes to provoke him … and, once he’s provoked, you lynch him: in self-defense. Only Christian thing to do: he cussed, he raised his hand. Never mind what you were doing before he cussed or raised his hand.

Only trouble was, this Munro n- came out with a shot gun! That’s not fair. He’s supposed to come out sniveling or shuffling (in which case you might kill him out of disgust) or cussing and waving his arms so you can defend your family against this wild Mau-Mau. The n- you’re shooting at isn’t supposed to shoot back.

Worse. The guy came out of it alive, his manhood intact, and started organizing. That proves it! A Commie! So the Fed got involved and he fled the country.

In the decades since hearing that story I’ve come to recognize the lynch mob strategy elsewhere. Remember Vietnam? Remember why we couldn’t end the war even after everybody agreed it was disgusting? Because the ‘Cong still had “our” prisoners of war! Well why shouldn’t they? It was a war, wasn’t it? Didn’t we have “their” prisoners of war? If we didn’t want our soldiers killed or taken prisoner, we shouldn’t have invaded their country with mortal men. (Use robots. Bomb from a distance.)

Do you see the pretext? Do you see the analogy with the lynch mob’s women and children? Can you imagine a burglar justifying his presence in the burgled house to the police because he’s lost his cigarette lighter while raping the home’s mistress? Can you imagine the police swallowing it? saying that since he lost his lighter while committing his felonies, the felonies weren’t felonies and he had a right to stay until he found his lighter?

Do you recognize the strategy in current attempts to regulate, to censor the internet? note Oh, but our children … might see that pornography, might read that heresy, etc., etc.

So? don’t let them onto the internet unsupervised. Do you let them play in traffic? Why not outlaw traffic “for the safety of the children”? I grant your right to organize your house for you wife and children’s safety. Hell, I grant your right to organize your house for your safety. But no one has a right to turn the world (selectively, of course) into a padded cell.

Moral: Any time someone tries to raise support for an immoral or illegal action saying that their crime will “save lives,” watch out! Oh, what the hell: you’re all going to hell anyway. What difference does it make what you do?

“Moral” trespassing wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so routinely selective. It’s the area where he has his store that the merchant doesn’t want zoned; his own home he has zoned to the teeth. It’s the poor that the rich don’t want to get welfare; they’re all for receiving it themselves.

The illustrations could grow and grow. As always, email me your examples and I’ll consider adding them: giving credit, of course.

I conceal a hook in the plastic “worm” I fish with. I try to deceive the fish. But I don’t want to deceive myself. I want to remember the hook is there when I myself handle the worm. But these days I ask myself: Is there any religion, any patriotism, any morality … that doesn’t have a hook in it? My reason and epistemology Primer tells a personal anecdote about a church camp where we young ‘uns were asked why we were Christian. The reverend was seeking numinous answers. He got a couple of mundane ones. Any number of theological, moral, or cultural answers might apply. But I here add one more: just possibly the main one: self-congratulatory kleptocratic culture needs a religion of love and forgiveness and tolerance and humility … as a stalking horse. We as a culture are not any of those things. We just wear them like falsies.

The Church itself, its priests … just wear them like falsies. The Church grew rich selling salvation. Its riches are real. How real is its salvation? In a real Judgment Day with a real God would the Church itself be saved? note

The United States gained power without precedent following World War II by practicing “foreign aid.” Who was most aided by it?

Stalking horse morality works best if you don’t let yourself “know” that you’re doing it. Perfect a cover of “sincerity” and even your victims may be fooled. My son told me that he had visited the Disney fantasy in Orlando and watched Asian visitors listen raptly as a robot Lincoln synthesized some rubbish about how moral we are.

Man mastered not letting his left hand know what his right hand was doing long before Jesus suggested it.

@ K. 2000 03 09


I don’t know. You’d have to define “saved,” spell out how you’d test it.


Internet censorship: and Macroinformation have put me in the privileged position of having met (via email) a few kindred souls. Check out Ian Goddard’s home page. He was fiercely targeted for censorship: another corruptor of youth.



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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