The Bible Code

I’m reading Don’t Know Much About the Bible: despite the title: my son gave me a kindle with lots already packed onto it, now I remember him recommending the title. The author, one Kenneth C. Davis, proves to be a historian who thoroughly researches books on subjects commonly under-known: and the Bible is certainly the most famous commonly known thing (where most of what’s known is misleading if not outright false!)

The Bible Code was just mentioned. Davis reports what my social worker first told me a couple of years ago: One Michael Drosnin purports to have examined the true Bible, to have extracted a code, and to have found that the code, interpreted predicts all sorts of things, past, present, and future. I’m reminded of Pierre in Tolstoy’s War & Peace driving himself to distraction tying to proved that Napoleon’s name, properly analyzed equaled the number of the beast in Revelations: 666. Pierre finally succeeded by putting Napoleon’s name into several different languages similtaneously and misspelling it!

What many a garden variety illiterate doesn’t realize is that you can take any large sample of data — the Bible, for example, or the Encyclopedia, volumes I to X, and “prove” anything you wish. Shakespeare ignoramuses have been doing the same to Shakespeare for a couple of centuries now. One character found code in Hamlet and Lear that says, “Hey, Francis Bacon: I wrote those plays! Shakespeare.”

I mention this today hoping that you’ll share my amusement about who my social worker is.

First though, know who I am. I’m a disciple of Ivan Illich.
I’m a disciple of Ivan Illich because I recognize Ivan Illich to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
I wanted to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I believe I already was more than half way a disciple of Jesus Christ: joining Illich in his deschooling program, founding the Free Learning Exchange, Inc., offering digital community bulletin boards to NYC, offering unregulated access to publishing, to social networking, etc., offering an internet to the public in 1970, that’s Jesus-Illich-pk inspired, I figure: that qualifies me.
But before that I was already writing and rewriting the Bible: offering new inspirations, new interpretations, new myths …

I was illegally first from my college teaching job. My university hadn’t understood a word I said for a decade, now they really turned on me. My profession blackballed me: joining the publishers in not offering my visions to the public. … My wife left me, kidnapping our son: so she wouldn’t have to discuss his education with me. I’ve been beaten up, arrested. Not only mostly not published, as of 2007 I am officially censored by the US fed!
I’m vilified wherever I go, people, kleptocrats, assuming that their government must be right, kicking whoever is down.
And so forth.
So, who’s my social worker. Sandy. I love her. But …
She was stuck to me by federal order.

The Roman empire crucified Jesus. What would have happened if Jesus had resurrected and gone to Pilat to say Nyah nyah? I can just see Pilat sending Jesus to the Temple! I can just see the Temple telling Jesus to study the Torah! I can just see the rabbis supervising Jesus’ study!
Sandy’s nice enough, but compared to me, she doesn’t know shit: that’s her qualification!

When my son recommended Bart Ehrman’s New Testament studies to me, I mentioned to Sandy some of Ehrman’s points: about the forged nature of much of the NT. That’s when she told me: she teaches the Code!
That’s right! I’d seen a sign on her lawn: “Bible Studies”!
She told me! That’s what it meant! She taught The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin! To other illiterates.

Crucify Jesus! Defrock Illich! Fire, jail, censor pk! Promote the illiterates, promote the thugs, give them tenure!

I still love Sandy. I think she loves me: not that she’d tell anyone what the fed did to whom! But don’t go to Sandy for knowledge, especially about the Bible
Imagine: she knows about Ehrman; she knows pk directly; but she teaches Drosnin!


God sends Jesus. The people crucify Jesus. Peter denies Jesus.
The people make Peter Pope, people respect Peter.

Your kid goes to school. The school doesn’t say, “We castrated Abelard, threatened Galileo, vilified Darwin and Freud, now we assign Miss Tilly to teach”; they just assign Miss Tilly! and the kid is practically forced into accepting her as an Abelard, a Galileo …

If the kid’s parents hired Miss Tilly in a free market, then whatever Miss Tilly was would be the parents’ responsibility, the kid’s fate. But it’s the state that compels her onto the kid.

And if she teaches Ehrman (or Illich, or pk), they’ll get rid of her and find someone who teaches Michael Drosnin!

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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