Crime Report

Legislators currently hold citizens accountable for failure to report crimes. If you see the mug snatch the purse, you’re supposed to bear witness. The cops can drag the perp to jail (if they catch him), and their officers and DAs can threaten to put you in jail with him if you said nothing. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Sounds like civilization has been achieved.

But there’s a corollary: a complement, a smudgy twin: what happens to the citizen who tries to report a crime committed by the authorities?

First think: what used to happen to the father who reported to the Church that a priest had put his daughter’s hand under his dress while he had his hand under hers? or buggered his son, raped his wife …
(What could he do? He could report the priest to a priest!)

Now think: what happened to the German who dared to report the Holocaust? The Nazis killed six million Jews: and even more dissidents, fags, and gypsies! Few Jews who still scream about genocide also mention those non-Jews being murdered in the abattoir next door.

The college I taught at in 1969 watched in silence as those academics who spoke against the US war on Vietnam were called Communists and were purged from academia. I was purged before I’d gotten my union card, before I’d received one union-scale check, before 5% of my educational capital had been returned as salary.

My neighbors watched in silence as the FBI ganged up with the sheriff’s tactical squad to drag me off to jail. The fed dropped me like a hot potato, but the neighobrs still whisper that I’m untouchable. Virtue is to be avoided like the plague, it might be catching.

Every day the kleptocracies drone about terrorism. But every citizen is terrorized against speaking up when their children are kidnapped by the schools, men are drafted (to murder foreigners) (it’s the feeb that murders domestics, Roosevelt rounding up Japs into our own concentration camps) …
What American isn’t terrified not to pay taxes? Isn’t coercing money a crime? (The Whiskey War killed more Americans than the Revolution had! That’s what tax protest earns.)

I have a neighbor who himself did jail time: for resisting the fed and its kleptocrat collaborators – draft boards, school boards. He did his five years for refusing to be inducted into the army. Yet even he, talking about how scriptural he is, murmurs not one word about my sainthood, my martyrdom, analogous to that of Jesus in a dozen parallels.

Many of the media’s choreographed misrepresentations are done so that the captive audience fails to see that they’re either captive or audience. But surely no one can reach age thirteen without knowing that much of the news is flat out bald lie. But the people want the government to steal the Indian lands: if that land is shared at least in part with the kleptocrat underlings. The big dog can take the most, but must make sure scraps fall to the pups: pups of the right color, creed, party …
I think my neighbors are actively passive kleptocrats because they understand perfectly well that the Nazis will put each other in the oven even before they run out of Jews, gypsies, fags. Dissidence is more than enough: and from day one.

It used to be the church, now it’s the state. But you know the church is still there too. My church blinked me out of existence a decade before the schools followed suit: because I blew the whistle on Christians long before I blew it outloud about the frauds committed by our secular institutions. How unChrisitan we are, how contemptuous of god, bothered me long before our hypocrisy as a democracy make me puke.

What I look forward to, even more than I look forward to seeing all cooperating kleptocrats writhing in hell, is to see the surprise on their faces when God shows them their atheism. In so far as God is a political entity, I disapprove of his power as I disapprove of Stalin-Hitler-Nixon’s; ah, but insofar as God is Truth! I applaud his ripping masks from hypocrite-false-witness morons. Atheists, clearly: they don’t really belief in truth.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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