Shame on US

After the management of my trailer park assaulted me in 1997, knocking out my teeth, breaking my bones, a Mac-student of mine recommended that I let her patriot friend Willow introduce me to the leader of the local militia. That proved difficult to do, as he too, David Chapman, had been beaten up. I was attacked by the park manager; David was attacked by the sheriff’s men: the law. Dave was pistol whipped, dragged from his home (which was also his church, of which he was pope and prophet (also parallel to me!)). His militia followers fled, scattered. There are distinct differences between Dave & me: he believes in guns, in defending yourself against fascists; I’m a Tolstoyan Christian, a pacifist: vengeance, retribution will come, but it’s God who’ll bring it (that is to say, the truth of things: god doesn’t need a name, or an accent, or a funny image): the Jew doesn’t have to defeat Hitler: just stand up for “God,” while the Nazis mow them down. Stupid societies won’t endure, they can’t. Dishonesty, in the long run, is not a survival advantage.
That’s my faith, at least.

Anyway: Willow and I got on famously, instantly. We immediately founded SUS: Shame on US. I wrote a few articles, I added a SUS section to my home page: / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Solutions / SUS /
I got a fellow patriot of hers to pledge some money to buy the domain name: I put up the cash expecting it back, it never came.
My interpretation is simple: Willow thought I was a fellow patriot. She soon realized that I am an anarchist, not a patriot at all. I didn’t vilify Nixon and Clinton in order to honor Washington, Franklin, Jefferson: I lump them all as kleptocrats, fools, hypocrites: whether or not they individually may also have been geniuses. Unwittingly I’d smashed all the idols on her altar: she swept them up, glued them back together, lit new candles, and sabotaged me.

Of the 4,000 or so text files, some short, some book-length, I’d published at K. domains (not to mention the several thousand graphics files (paintings, drawings, symbols, logos …), I’ve put back 720 (half of which may be new posts, not recreations). Not bad under the circumstances but we’ve far to go.
(I like to imagine that God will punish the rest of you in accordance which how much help you’ve given me compared to how much interference you’ve stirred up: Jesus groomed Mary Magdaline to support his ministry, but then, according to the oldest Mark we have, went and his after the Passion, hiding, terrified (understandably): silent. Should she earn more grace than the guy who gave Jesus vinegar to drink? Sure: but that grace may be more than wiped out by her betrayal. Is Judas more damned than the centurion? or less?
(That’s up to God (to the truth, to what will actually happen). It’s not our decision to make, or even to trust an opinion about.)

The first article I wrote for SUS was on Robert Morris: he ruined his own personal credit helping the US Revolution. We never paid him a penny, we watched him go broke … and die.
I then wrote about the Founding Fathers stealing the Iroquois’ gift of bicameral democracy while practicing genocide (and land theft) upon them. (See The Great Law of Peace.)

Here’s the logo I drew:Shame on US

What I’ll add here is a quick piece on Canvass White, in inventor of the hydraulic cement that allowed the Erie Canal to work. He got paid a small amount for the patent, but the manufacturers shared no profits with him, watched him shrivel and die.

See Bill Bryson, At Home, IX, i.
That whole book is great fun.
Bryson is stimulating me to add other SUS posts:
It ain’t just US that’s a shame, the whole world, again and again: Ferinstance: The English woodmasters, joiners, like Chippendale, were able to make the best furniture ever because they had the best wood ever found for the purpose: a particular species of mahogony. Of course they drove the species to extinction within a few decades!

English woman blackened their teeth once sugar became plentiful. Japanese married women blacken their teeth, I think the way Muslim women have their features covered, their bodies concealed. But English woman blackened their teeth not to be repulsive to all but their husbands but to look like they consumed to much sugar! Dental caries is evidence of wealth!
Really bad teeth? Oh, she must be really comfortable at home! Like King Farouk losing a million in an evening at Monte Carlo and smiling. Damn show offs.

Note: I categorize SUS under / Social Order / Solutions /
What’s the solution? Tell the truth. Develop an honest, informed history.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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