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FLEX Newsletter

Here is a scan of the Free Learning Exchange, Inc. Newsletter that Noreen and I sent out in June 1972. You may be able to read some of the subjects we had resource listings for. The drawings are Noreen’s. Even … Continue reading

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Church Quotes

Just beginning this collection 2011 11 26: with at least one. It will build rapidly once I find time to devote. Churches: Containers that most of God’s love has leaked out of The damned (the doomed) built churches as a … Continue reading

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Faith: Central

My writings and jottings since 1995 on faith had spread around K. and have further spread around among my blogs. I want all pk posts gathered here whichever domain they first appeared in. I have important clarifications to add today … Continue reading

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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Personal / Chat / Thomas Jefferson … considered proclaiming holidays “a monarchical practice” and paid no attention to Thanksgiving during his term of office. This anarchist despises the idea … Continue reading

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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society / Social Survival / Addiction / Any habit that has no survival value Garden Variety Addiction & a Cornucopia of Others This piece continues my argument that … Continue reading

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Dirty Germs

Shocking Science When I was a teen our dentist told me that our mouth was the dirtiest opening in our body, dirtier than the anus. Now how am I supposed to believe he knows that, I wondered. I also assumed … Continue reading

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Good as Gold

Stars fill the night sky. At least they used to when nights were still dark. Visiting the Keys a couple of decades ago, driving between Keys at night, I yet saw some vestage of what I remember from childhood: what … Continue reading

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