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Medical Mass Murder

Dr. Serial

Stewart, James B. Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away with Murder

Check it out. Good piece of journalism.

Dr. Swango starts killing people the moment he gets a chance to do so — under cover of, and aided by the puissance of, “the medical church”: that is to say, while still in medical school. We follow his career into his forties, through several states and several countries — Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, New York … i.e. US, Zimbabwe … The killings mount up at a rate rivaled only in Steven Hunter novels, yet when he’s arrested en route to Saudi Arabia he can still claim that not one charge of homicide has ever been brought against him.

That famous entity, the Establishment, is well practiced at arresting gypsies, Jews, n-s [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosidos in fashion.] … but seems unable to recognize malpractice in itself. Even Nixon knew he belonged in jail, but no one could actually put him there. I’m reminded of a story I heard in an anthropological context: some “white” man was marauding through tribal Africa. Finally some other white men arrested him, told his victims, the natives, to keep him caged, gave them a lock for one of their huts, showed them how to use it. The minute the other whites’ backs were turned, the natives stopped guarding their prisoner: let him just walk away. note

Jesus couldn’t have just walked out of Herod’s jail, but Caesar could have. Jesus could walk on water; the modern doctor walks on our graves. It’s a miracle!

The good news in Swango’s case is that his murders at least have the decency to seem deliberate: he put the arsenic in their tea, in their food, in their soda … He injected the nicotine into their buttocks, into their vagina, into their womb … Yet when the news announces that health care has moved up from number 3 killer to the number 2 spot, the doctors (and nurses, and hospital administrators) still walk around as though under haloes.


White Men:

2006 05 03

I’m just watching the Brando / Pontecorvo Burn for the first time, though I’d long been arrested by the Life-propagated image of Marlon on horseback under a colored parasol. It’s also only recently that I’ve seen Pontecorvo’s Battle of Algiers. Burn ties right in with Ivan Illich’s analysis of colonialism in terms of sugar.

In any case Marlon illustrates the point by throwing money among poor men, then demanding, successfully, that one victor give back the coin he’s wrestled from others.

In the same series I go off looking up Frantz Fanon! In 2006?! Well, I was busy being a revolutionary previously: makes me a little retarded on details.


K. had a string on files on this subject, I’ll readd them as I can:
Medical Nemesis was the parent file.
Medical Nemesis: Scrapbook
Baby Killers
This one was also called Dr. Death.
2004 01 10 Ah! has posted Medical Nemesis.

2017 08 05 I’m streaming a related document, Nurses Who Kill, via NewFlix.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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