Merry Christmas!

Holliday Greetings to John Quintero.

John Quintero is a fellow disciple of Ivan Illich. John Quintero is the Illich disciple I didn’t meet until a year or two before Ivan Illich’s death.

Other Illich disciples I met by going to Illich’s CIDOC, in Cuernavaca; John Quintero is the only one to come to see me, traveling from California to Florida, despite his poverty, to do so. John planned to give a history of my offer of a cheap internet, my Free Learning Exchange, Inc., 1970, in Bremen, Germany, hailing me as a major Illich disciple and as “one of the greatest philosophers of the Twentieth Century.” (He didn’t, he said the mood in Bremen dictated something softer.)

Anyway, I just sent John Quintero a Christmas email. His wife, Reem, in Beirut, will get it and forward the sentiments to John, in jail.

The fed arrested me first, in 2006, censored me in 2007 February, Judge Martinez. John was jailed after that: and by Nevada, or California; not by Washington, DC: but John is still in jail.
I don’t know how many other Illich disciples are in jail today, but John and I were singled out for persecution. The fed violated the Constitution (among other laws) to censor my satire of NYU. (In jail I met others whose books had been repressed by their arrest.)
I know I’m innocent of the fed charges: and I believe John when he assures me that he didn’t do anything wrong. (The fed does wrong with its every move!)

Naturally Illich was mentioned in neither of our trials: the kleptocracy is never clear about its real actions or motives.

Now: John and I are completely different kinds of illich disciples. I am not and have never been Catholic. I have always been anti-Catholic. John, is, as was Illich, devout Catholic. Indeed: John is a big Pope touter. (I believe that the Pope is false, as is the Church.) (Defrocked Monseigneur Illich believed that the Church was simultaneously holy and evil!

I emphasize John’s Catholicism because he says that it’s his rosary-saying, Pope-touting, that got him arrested: by his Catholic hating Protestant relatives! I believe him!
more details coming


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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