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Presbyterian Recrudescence

I title this sub-section of my church stories Presbyterian Recrudescence: I was confirmed in a Presyterian Church: many of my church memories and experiences are “Presbyterian” in some way. One post goes into what “Presbyterian” means; here I’ll say a … Continue reading

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Presbyterian pk

/ HierCon / Church / I’m narrating stories illustrating the thesis (Ivan Illich’s) (and mine) that society’s institutions militate against the Christian ideals we’re supposed to embody: that we support vertical hierarchies, authorities, secular as well as sacred, while pretending … Continue reading

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Presumption of Innocence

There’s a tradition in law, celebrated in this culture, that the law is to presume a citizen innocent until proved guilty. I offer a modification. I, an ordinary powerless schmuck, should be presumed innocent, you similary should be presumed innocent: … Continue reading

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Do It All Yourself

Recently I extolled Dard Hunter for making a book as entirely by himself as was possible: he researched it, he wrote it, he edited it: he made the paper by hand, he built the printing press, based on historical models … Continue reading

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/ / Teaching / Thinking Tools / Michael Pollan, The Botany of Desire Good book. I quote: Symmetry The appearance of symmetry is a reliable expression of formal organization—of purpose, even intent. Symmetry is an unmistakable sign that there’s … Continue reading

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Science Requirement

Science requires both intelligence and honesty. That’s why “99%” of “science” is illusory: it’s no more intelligent or honest science than is the deck of cards held before the audience by the magician what he claims it to be in … Continue reading

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Default Settings / Teaching / Society / Survival / Evolution / @ K. 2005 08 17 Mission: to posit the prime default setting for kleptocratic society to be the sanctity of established thefts: so the natives, the slaves, the losers, stay … Continue reading

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