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Is kleptocracy active? or passive?
Is kleptocracy a theft that keeps on thieving? or is it a sin that your grandfather committed and you have no connection with?

Did the sacred authorities once seduce the secular authorities to sabotage God and his message and his messenger? when Jesus got crucified? or nearly everyone of us betray God and his messages and his messengers, nearly every second?
Did Jesus get nailed on the cross once? a long time ago? so long ago we can’t be sure what if anything happened? or does everyone of us, grandma and granddaughter hold fresh nails for fresh centurions every second of every day?

Capitalist Connection

In capitalism we’re supposed to be able to amass capital, invest shrewdly, profit in future. Sounds good. Maybe it would be good if we were born yesterday, actually had a legitimate claim to what we call our property. Can the bank robber legitimately invest the loot from the Brinks robbery? Is it even theoretically possible for an American in 2012 to own a dollar not contaminated by gold from Sutter’s Mill?
If the Brinks thief doubles his investment on IBM stock, what part of that new amount can possibly belong to the thief? What human court could possibly answer such a question?

So: I behold a gorgeous dawn from Palm Beach. How dare I enjoy it without paying penalties to the natives Morgan and Flagler stole Palm Beach from?

I partake of mass in a Roman Catholic church. Catholic authority is based on one category of shaky ground after another, false documents, false readings, repressed alternate readings: like Macbeth staying in the castle after not only murdering Duncan but murdering witnesses who overheard him instruct the assassins. Does God owe me salvation just because I’ve eaten the wafer. How much magic does an illegitimate wafer have? Does the merchant have to give you a hamberger as you give him a counterfeit dollar?

In Hara Kiri the ronin worms his way into the evil castle pretending he wants to commit suicide: seppuku. Now he’s among the bureaucrats who tortured his son to death. As they realize their mistake, they attack him. He cuts wave after wave or retainer to shreds. With no samurai left to try to subdue him, they line up a battery of rifles. Still, before they can all aim and fire, the ronin crashes the household gods to the floor. Then he disembowels himself, with his katana! That’s what he said he wanted to do: he just didn’t warn them that he was going to singlehandedly defeat their army first!

Hara Kiri, Nakadai

Hara Kiri, Nakadai


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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