Forbidden Beach

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Help! Police!

I was wading for bass off the beach by the local library. Several other fishermen were there ahead of me: and a whole bunch of guys wading, swimming, splashing … horsing around. The government had dredged the area in building the public beach: the drop-off holds fish. The water is very low right now, but I hoped some bass would be lurking within casting distance of a modest wade into the water. I noticed a cop walking across the beach, headed straight for me. I waded toward him, to find out what he wanted.

He ordered me out of the water. No wading, no swimming. He was about to tell the others too. We could fish from the shore, but not stand or wade in the water. He prefaced all this by saying, “I don’t want to spoil your fun, but …”

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I tell the story not because of the absurdity of the “beach” allowing no entrance to the water, but because this cop wasn’t content to give orders, he wanted to explain: he mentioned the drop off, added that it could be dangerous, added that someone had drowned … said the prohibition was “to protect us.”

This cop was taller than average, heavier than average, and I don’t doubt stronger than average. Like many a good cop I don’t doubt that he was far stupider than average. Indeed his big upper body made him look like a pinhead: especially with his middle all bulked up by his utility belt which conspicuously bore a gun. I said, “I’m leaving, I’m doing as you say, I’m not arguing: but note: I don’t want your protection, I want to fish.”

The cop went on with his justifications: some guy drowned, he repeated. It’s public property (read that as city property, government property), the city doesn’t want to be liable if someone else is hurt … (Ah, now there’s a real reason for chasing us: fear of responsibility, government’s fear of its own court, its own laws (once citizens get involved, in the form of a jury).)

Then the cop’s endless list of “reasons” took to blaming the drowned guy! “One person spoils it for all,” he said! My impression of this cop’s intellect, low to begin with (prejudiced I’m aware), was plummeting. He blames the drowned guy for government cowardice, for his own role in the interference with our use of our environment. When I told my army sergeant in basic training that I was a pacifist, the draft board not having conveyed any of my messages to the army and the army not having conveyed any of my repetitions to its many branches, it just kept repackaging me without any of my statements, he asked if I didn’t believe in defending myself against my enemies: I answered, “So far, Sergeant, the only enemy I’m aware I have is YOU!” (Sergeant Bradley liked that. He was a neat platoon leader. RIP. (A trainee shot him on the rifle range.)) Here’s this cop, interfering with our use of the lake, and he blames a dead guy!

I submit that this guy’s unending litany of excuses proved in stereo how wrong he knew he was.

Schmuck: following wicked orders for pay. A fascist pig, as advertised.

The cop did add that he got called to clear people out of the water there at the
“public” property. If I waded further over, by the apartment house’s water front, I might be alright, “Though they may also call us to chase you,” he added.

Once out of the water, standing near him, I went on with my anarchist advice: Go home, put your gun away, take your hands out of the tax payers pockets. I didn’t want cop protection then, I didn’t ever want cop “protection.”

I didn’t iterate my online theme that all government is nothing but a protection racket. I didn’t tell him that I just got out of jail, that I was a censored writer, a falsely-convicted “felon” … That is to say, I didn’t point out to him how well the cops had protected me previously. Indeed, the cops led the FBI to me and assisted with their armed assault on me. Neither did I start to inventory other protesters against government abuses who’d been pistol whipped by the police, jailed, silenced …

But of course none of these things are reported in the press. And those few who know of it get tired of telling a public determined to remain deaf, dumb, and blind.

I had dozens more personal cop stories than ever got told at K. in a database, and who knows how many more never yet added to the data base.

2011 08 29 The Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories menu links to Help! Police, the top of my cop stories sting (censored, just getting recreated): then there’s this Cop Stores sub-menu which temporarily, mistakenly, houses a cop story! I’ll straighten it all out if I can. Actually I’ll be lucky to get 10% back up, and there’s a huge data base that never got put at K. in the first place.

2013 04 20 The cop’s, the municipality’s, wrong headedness reminds me of Reagan, as governor, prior to his presidency, rationalizing state interference at Berkeley in the late 1960s, the “riots.” Reagan said that the university was “private” property, that the students were trespassing. No. It’s public property, it’s a state university. Students have every right to be there, as do professors. The encroachers with no legitimate rights are the state, the police, the government.
I started this post as a page, a menu, a meta-post: pardon the mess, hope I transformed it right this time.
I don’t remember exactly how long ago this occurred: could have been 2008 or so.

Cop Stories

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