Poly Mono

Monotheism, monopoly, monoculture … have been my subjects for decades, for a life time, including recent posts here: especially in the wake of getting excited by Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire. (See Wild versus Cultivated.) This is a place marker declaring that I’m going to be developing these subjects, symbols, metaphors … even further. I acknowledge that it ain’t easy. We’ve been drilled in monotheism since birth. We’ve practiced political monopoly since birth, whatever we’ve called it, however we’ve mislabeled it (while mislabeling ourselves).

I’ll scribble scrapbook style, then edit, maybe in time reduce all to a few good essays, a book or two.

Meantime: we were taught that God is one, that God is good …
God created the world, and Adam, and Eve … God put Adam and Eve into a garden. Civilization is gardening, civilation thus far has led to monoculture. Civilization may be leading us to a dead earth, an extinct humanity … Maybe we should swap mono-theologies, mono-cosmoloties, mono-politics … for a little diversity.

The anarchist internet I offered the public in 1970 would have fostered all that. My offer was ignored, punished, sabotaged, the media lying about it, and everything, then, and since. 1970 may have been too late then, it may be beyond too late now. But what the hell, I’m a writer, I’m still breathing, somehow. I’ll still write about it.

There are no weeds in nature.

A weed isn’t a plant, a weed is a prejudice, or a judgment: an unwanted plant. If you’re growing strawberries, a tulip is a weed.
If you’re listening to Bach, then a jackhammer is noise, while the Bach is music. If you’re a doctor, listening for a heart murmur, then the Bach is noise: as is the Beethoven, the Beatles … and the jackhammer.

In other words, a weed is a social concept more than a biological concept. The priests in the Temple of Jerusalem (in the Christian stories) were practicing a monopoly on the word of God, without any verifiable contact with God! So: Jesus, symbolizing actual contact with God, was a weed! had to be weeded!
At NYU, I, an intelligent, literate, imaginative reader of Shakespeare et alia, was a weed. Noise. I had to be silenced. The state gives them money, they silenced me. And you too, not to mention God.
Any monoculture must protect itself from actual information, raw data … new readings.

Monotheisms produce false prophets. (Maybe all the prophets of monotheisms are false! including me!)
Far worse (or, maybe the same — at a different resolution), monoculture breeds

false profits!

In the News: “They gave out a pamphlet entitled “The Death Penalty?”, which quoted Islamic texts that said capital punishment was the only way to rid society of homosexuality.” God wants us to kill everything that isn’t our twin? Religions regress? Apparently: or rather, things human, things living, evolve in all directions, including regression.

Note: Poly Mono isn’t a girl’s name that I don’t know how to spell; it’s an oxymoron of abstractions (and I can’t spell). (Or: fifty years ago, my spelling was nonstandard: until I had to correct my students’ English compositions! I standardized overnight!)

Society Cosmo

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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