Great Joke

Here is today’s joke: a joke so great it is also my today’s candidate for greatest joke of all!

Pilat thinks he‘s judging Jesus!

Well, he is: in his local political cosmology. If local is all there is, he’s fine: like the mathematical formula may be unambiguous provided that there are no hidden parentheses. “2” is simple, unambiguous, positive … unless a different resolution shows that it’s “-(2).” Then it’s not simple, and it’s negative. (And the parentheses may be infinite.)
The vote is the vote: unless there’s a recount! unless the guy let out of the Bastille shows that the election was as fake as a $3 bill. Unless the Supreme Court cancels the election by appointing a President …

Macroinformation is my term for complex information emerging from frictions among metadifferencs. In the “play,” Pilat judges Jesus: in the Christian sequel, a play within the play (or a play with-out the play), the joke is on the guy too wrapped up in hubris to get the joke.

If this life is the only life, if the beer commercial is right, then you only get to go around once in this life
If the liar gets away with his lie then the lie is true? How do we know if he got away with it? unless we see the situation tomorrow, and the next day …?

The schmo in Jerusalem thinks Pilat’s judgment is final, ’cause he doesn’t know Caesar: or Caesar’s power.
The Jews’ and Christians’ God thinks his judgment is final, because he has no acquaintance with any god above himself: meanwhile, the gods above god, busy elsewhere? leave him to his solipsist delusion.
(The god with no awareness of ecology, say, can have the rug pulled out from under him again and again.)

We all live and die thinking Pilat is in charge: because we live in a tiny cosmological cone of experience.

I say “tiny” but of course we can’t measure it. All we can measure in are cones, finite cones all; we have no verification of wholes. We map the world, the earth, the universe … but never the cosmos.

Cosmology Etc.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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